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How many songs does a 128mb MP3 player hold?

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Use the following Rule of Thumb:

1 MB 768 CDs

Check this against the number of CDs you have and then get the size that most suit your need. Enjoy!

*Size of CDs may vary, so number of songs per CD will also vary.

2011-07-16 03:34:44
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How many songs can a 512Mb mp3 player with a 128mb sd card in it hold?

Generally speaking 1 .mp3 song is 3-5 mb

How many songs can a 32 GB MP3 player hold?

A 32 GB MP3 player can hold about 3500 songs. 3500 songs is based on the songs averaging 3 and a half minute songs.

How many songs can a 1gb mp3 player hold?

approx 220 songs

How many songs in a 250GB mp3 player can hold?

15000-20000 songs

How many songs does a 256Mb MP3 player hold?

40 2 minute songs

How many songs does a CRAIG 512MB mp3 player hold?

250 normal size songs

How many minute songs can 4 gigabytes hold?

4 GB can hold about 1000 songs. This depends on your player though. Also it depends on the size of the songs. If the songs are 4mb then it's about 1000 songs.

How many songs can be downloaded onto an MP3 player?

It depends on the hard drive (or memory capacity) size of the MP3 player. Of course, songs of different lengths are different sizes, but the average song is about 30 MB. So if your MP3 player can store 1 GB (1000 MB), it can probably hold about 333 songs. This depends on the quality of your MP3 songs. Basically, the higher the quality of your songs, the bigger the files, and hence the less number of songs you can hold in your player. For 128M player, it can hold about 32 songs (128k bit rate). For 256M player, it can hold about 64 songs (128k bit rate). For 512M player, it can hold about 128 songs (128k bit rate). For 1G player, it can hold about 256 songs (128k bit rate).

How many songs will a 4 gb mp3 player hold?

round about 2500 mp3 encoded songs

How many songs can a 4 gig mp3 player hold?

a 4gb mp3 player can hold about 13oo songs but it matters how long each song is or if you have other downloaded things on there like if you have a movie you will get less room for songs .

How many songs does an 512MB mp3 player hold?

well mb stands for music bundle so that means it will hold 512 mp3 songs

How many photos does a 128MB memory stick hold on a 5.1 mega pixels campra hold?

A 128mb memory car would hold about 70 4mp photos. But it depends how many mp (mega pixels) you camera has. Hope this helps you dtracer (i would be grateful for any points given)

How many songs can a 4 GB mp3 player hold?


How many songs does the 2.0GB delstar mp4 player hold?

approx. 400

At 32kbs how many songs will an 8gb mp3 player hold?

2,000 songs and up to 8 hours of video!!!

How many pictures go in 128mb Smartmedia?

A Smartmedia 128MB is a memory card. This memory can hold about 800 pictures on it. You can put about 20 minutes of videos on this memory card in place of the pictures.

How many songs can a thirty GB hold?

Do you mean how many songs can a thirty gigabyte mp3 player hold? If so it varies. Some things to keep in mind are how long the song is, how rich the sound is or perhaps the format that it is in. These are all key to understanding how many songs your thirty gigabyte mp3 player can hold. Most people seem to agree that ~7500 songs is equal to thirty gigs.

How many songs can a 4 GB GPX hold?

An MP3 player with 4 gigabytes of space will hold on average 1000 songs. The amount of songs that a 4 gigabyte MP3 player will hold depends on the size or length of each song; the average being close to three minutes.

How many songs does a 32 gigabyte mp3 player hold?

they hold about 32 hundred thousand but whjo need that manyX

How many songs can a iPod nano hold?

4GB can hold 1000 songs.

How many songs can a 4 gb ipod hold?

It can hold about 1000 songs.

How many songs can a 16 GB ipod hold?

it can hold 5,000 songs........

How many songs can your nook hold?

my ipod can hold up to 3000 songs

How many songs does a shuffle hold?

it can hold a lot of songs but if you have to many songs it could make the shuffle go slower than before you had a lot of songs.

How many songs can a Sony MP3 player hold?

A 4GB Sony Walkman will hold up to about 1000 songs, considering each song is three to four megabytes apiece. A 16gb Sony Walkman will hold 4x as much, about 4000 songs total.