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How many songs in a gig?

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βˆ™ 2007-06-26 07:26:22

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it depends on the size of the songs but you can fit about 230 into 1 gig

2007-06-26 07:26:22
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How many songs does an 8 gig hold?

It all depends on the size of the individual songs, but an 8 gig ipod can hold about 2,000 songs according to Apple.

How many songs can an 8 gig hold?

around 1500

How many songs 30 gig ipod hold?


How many songs on a 8 gig ipod?

An 8GB iPod will hold approximately 2,000 songs.

How many songs does a four gig memory card hold?


How many songs can a 20 gig ipod hold?

around 1600

How many songs can fit in 4 gigs?

It really depends on how long the songs are and how big the song gig is.

How many songs can 1 giga bite hold?

Usually 1 gig can hold about 250 songs. Hope that helps.

How many songs in 32 gig?

Up to 7000 song and 40 hour of video

How many songs can a 16 gig ipod hold?

a one gig can hold 200 so 200 x 16 is three thousand two hundred

How many hours of music can a 1 gig ipod hold?

Hundreds of songs if you understand that different songs are of different lengths. It is the total size of all the songs that tells you how many fit

How many songs would two gigabtes hold?

I know that 2 gig holds about 1000.

How many songs does the 1 gig Craig mp3 hold?

i think like 5 to 250

How many 3 min songs fit on 1 gig media?

Between 700 and 1000

How many songs can you put on a eight gig ipod?

You can put about (estimated by, and assuming that the songs are of the average length of around 3-4 minutes) 1,750 songs on it.

How many songs can a 32 gig ipod hold?

8000 songs. 20,000 divided by 80 = 250. 250 x 32 = 8000

How much music can you download on ipod touch?

It depends on how many gigs you have on your ipod. Like for example I have a 16 gig ipod touch and I can fit about 20,000 songs. The lower your gig is the less songs you will be able to fit but the more gigs you have the more songs you can fit.:) hope this helps.

How many songs will go on a 1 gig ipod?

Usually 400-500 depending on the length of the song.

How many songs does 64 gig hold?

64 gigs should hold about 16 thousand songs if each song is 3.5 minutes long.

How many songs will 40 gig hold?

If each song is usally around 2 - 3MB, so 4000MB / 40GB. Would be around 1400 songs. It Varys on the size of the songs.

How many songs does 4 gig mp3 player hold?

Hi It all depends on what songs you put on it. The longer the song the more space it takes up.

How many gig iPad do you need?

A few songs and apps - 16 GB. Lots of songs and apps, a couple of movies - 32 GB. Lots of movies, songs and apps - 64 GB.

How many mb's are there in a gig?

There are 1024MB in a gig.

How much money is the iPod nano?

It depends how much memory you want. 1 gig holds around 200 songs and costs about $199. 2 gig holds about 350 songs and is about $250 (AUS Dollars)

How many MG equals 1 Gig?

1 gig = how many MB