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ONE (1) ONE It's like speeding. You are breaking the law with even one mile over the speed limit. A single download violates copyright laws.

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What websites can I download copyright free songs?

Im not sure, last time i downloaded my PC was hacked and full of illegal porno videos!

Is it illegal to give CD's created from downloaded songs?

The downloading is illegal for sure; the giving may also be depending on the copyright laws where you live.

Where do downloaded songs go in Guitar Hero 3?

press orange on your setlist, it'll show you downloaded songs

What are the most downloaded songs?

Don't stop believing by Journey is one of the all time most downloaded songs.

How you put pictures on downloaded songs?

How you put pictures on downloaded song

For every 1 song downloaded how many are illegally downloaded?

There are usually 4 trillion to 10 trillion illegal songs downloaded each year, while 4 billion songs are legally downloaded. wow.

How do you get all owl city songs downloaded?

The best legal way to get all of Owl City's songs downloaded is to search 'Owl City' on iTunes and download all of the songs.

Guitar Hero 3 PS3 downloaded songs and installed dont appear in the game I go to downloaded songs tab and theres nothing there although I downloaded and installed 3 songs from the PS store?

Hit the orange tab in quickplay. That is where they are stored

How do you get licenses for downloaded songs?

Me know No! :) Bahahahahahaha

Is there a copyright on theme songs?

Generally, yes.

Is it illegal to download songs from Limewire or Kazaa?

lime wire is a p2p/peer to peer networking program. depending on what you download can be illegal! ANYTHING with a copyright which is downloaded is illegal. go to its a great help to find out more info on piracy and copyright yours faithfully your mum/david

How many songs are downoaded a second?

100 songs on itunes on average are downloaded a second

How do you play downloaded songs on rockband2?

They appear in your setlist.

What are the most downloaded songs ever?

The most downloaded song ever is Don't Stop Believin' By Journey

What songs have been sued for breaking copyright law?

No songs have ever been sued.

Who owns the copyright to Theme from ET?

Songs of Universal.

Who owns the copyright to Adventure on Earth?

Songs of Universal.

Who owns copyright to George Harrison songs?

George is the only Beatle to acquire and maintain copyright to all songs written by him, whether sung as a Beatle,or as a solo artist

What are the top downloaded Karaoke songs?

Beat It, Livin' on a Prayer, Eye of the Tiger, and Complicated are some of the top downloaded Karaoke songs. The top downloads vary from month to month.

If you delete songs downloaded from itunes can you download them again for free?


How long do you have to copyright your songs?

Copyright protection is automatic as soon as the work is fixed in a tangible medium (notated or recorded).

Can't listen to songs downloaded on Polaroid MP3 player?

try to convert the songs to acc compatible

Which site offer to download nagpuri mp3 songs?

nagpuri video and mp3 songs can be downloaded from

Is downloading songs from 4sharedcom illegal?

Well.................i dun think so cuz i also downloaded it(songs) so many tymes. i guess its not illegal cuz songs r meant 2 b downloaded n listen............... ...................................and..........................ENJOY

Where can you get songs for your iPod?

AnswerDownload from iTunes, or just use limewire and put the songs you downloaded in iTunesAnswerDownloading copyrighted files from Limewire is illegal, and people have been prosecuted and sued for damages (even kids) for piracy or copyright infringement. Stick with the legal, paid services, like iTunes.Yes, I agree with that, but no one fills his iPod with 10000 songs from iTunes. Did you?

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