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How many spanish speaking people are there in the world?

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I would say a lot! Well, over 1,0000 probably. There are probably as many of them as there are of us, or even more! It all depends on what happens here and there. Also, some of us Americans could speak Spanish, too, if we're really interested.

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How many spanish speaking countries around the world?

there are 21 Spanish speaking countries in the world

How many people in the world speak spanish?

The estimate of the number of Spanish-speaking people in the world was 417 million in 1999, and is now estimated as just over 500 million.

How many people speak Spanish in each Spanish speaking country xy?

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What is the most popular sport in spanish speaking world?

The most popular sport in Spanish speaking cultures is soccer. However, it isn't called soccer. It is called futbol to many Hispanic people.

How many US states have Spanish speaking people?

All of them have some population of Spanish speaking people, some more than others of course.

How many last names do Spanish speaking people have?


How many spanish-speaking countries are in the world?

24 i believe

On how many continents of the world are spanish speaking countries found?


How many people speak spanish in the whole world?

how many people speak spanish around the world??????

How many spanish speaking people are the in the US today?

35.5 million people that speak spanish in the United States of America

Spanish speaking countries map?

There are many Spanish-speaking countries in the world. Some of these countries include Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, as well as Argentina.

How many people speak Mexican spanish?

98.4% of the Mexican people speak "Mexican Spanish". This roughly translates to 118.36 million people speaking such language.

How many people speak spanish in Guam?

No one living in Guam speaks spanish, but some Visitors may be from Spanish speaking countries.

Why do so many people in america speak spanish?

Because of the proximity of the U.S. to Spanish speaking countries, and the resulting immigration.

Do spanish people speak English?

many Spanish people have learned to speak English, the same as English speaking people have learned to speak Spanish, this goes for almost any one who thinks it is great to learn different languages and it serves them well when travelling to different parts of the world.

How many people around the world speak Spanish?

330 million people around the world speak spanish

How many spanish speaking countries play soccer?

five spanish speaking countries play soccer

How many people practice Spanish religion?

"Spanish" is not a religion but the majority of Spanish-speaking people are Christian, predominantly Roman Catholic, the number of which would be in the millions (there are 2.5 billion Christians).

How many spanish speaking people live in Puerto Rico?

All of them? It's the first language.

What is the main language spoken in Merida Mexico?

Spanish, with many people also speaking Mayan.

How many people speak Spanish in Smithfield NC?

There are estimated numbers concerning language used among the people in Smithfield, North Carolina. The number of people speaking Spanish is about 10 percent. The number of people speaking English is about 90 percent. The estimates do not reflect the number of people who speak both Spanish and English.

How many spanish speaking countries have won the world cup soccer?

Uruguay, Argentina and, of course, Spain.

How many spanish speaking countries are in north America?

There are 12-13 Spanish speaking countries in North America.

How do you say money orders in spanish?

Money Order in spanish is "Giro". Many Spanish speaking people who live in the US though will simply say "money order".

How many Spanish speaking people in Los Angeles?

5,335,368use the percentage and the population, circa 2009