Stick Insects

How many species of insect?

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How many species of insect are there in the tropical savanna?


How many kinds of insect are there?

There are millions of species of insects.

How many types of stick insect are there?

There are about 3000 species worldwide and 150 species in Australia.

What is an insect name with 9 letters?

Butterfly (of which there are many species).

How many insect species known?

1 million and 3

How do you use the work species in a sentence?

There are currently too many insect species at risk because of pollution.

How many insect species are on the endangered species list?

about 20 types and in la i woulod say a third of that

How many animal species are there in Nigeria?

In Nigeria there are about 10,600 animal and insect species. OMG that is so much!!!! =)

You found an insect in peas what is it?

Could be one of many species, there are many insects in the garden.

How many species of Insect are there?

There are nearly one million known species of insects and as many as an estimated 10 million undescribed ones.

How many new insect species are found each year?

About 100 new species are found each year.

How many insect species are there?

no one really knows i guess more then 1,000

What comes out of a pupa?

Depends on what type of insect it is for. many species have pupal stage.

Is cockrooch a reptile?

A cockroach is an insect, not a reptile. There are many species of cockroaches, worldwide.

How many legs does an adult insect have?

As with any species classed as an insect, they would have six legs or three pairs of legs.six

What are some of the species of stick insects?

There are too many stick insect species to identify. In fact, there are over 3,000 to be more accurate. Most of the species are around the tropics though (Wikipedia). * Lord Howe Island Stick Insect

What does mimicry mean as an insect?

On species of insect having a body pattern, marking and behavior that is similar to another species of insect which is dangerous or poisonous to eat. This means that the mimic species is avoided by predictors which have been put off by the unpalatable species.

What animal has the most animals?

The largest variety of species is in the insect family. The number of insect species outnumber all other families of species combined.

To which species does the insect belong?

There are many different species of insects worldwide. They all belong to the phylum Arthropoda which is in the Animal Kingdom.

How many leg dose a stick insect have?

Stick Insects are insects, so like every other insect species, they have six legs.

What is insect eating mammals?

There are many species of insect eating mammals, grouped as being insectivores, of which three examples are: mole, shrew and hedgehog.

Suppose that there are 67 butterfly species for every 22000 species of butterflies worldwide how many insect species are there?

Is this question supposed to make any sense whatsoever?

What species is a praying mantis?

an insect

What is the species for a dragonfly?

A dragonfly is an insect.

What are some species of stick insects?

My stick insect is an Indian Stick insect

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