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Alot some common ones are Tetras, Danios, Barbs, Chiclids (pronounced sichlide), Gourmies, there are some more but i cant remember

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Q: How many species of tropical fish are there?
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Could tropical fish live in seawater?

Tropical fish simply means the fish needs warm water. It has absolutely nothing to do with salt water. The usual term for salt water fish is "Marine Fish". There are many species of tropical marine fish. There are also many species of tropical freshwater fish. A freshwater fish will not survive in salt water no matter if it is cold or tropical in its temperature needs.

Are sucker fish tropical?

Some species are, but they are found in temperate waters as well, there are many species..

How many species of trigger fish are there?

There are about 40 different species native to various tropical waters

Is pompano a tropical fish?

It is a marine species of fish.

Is a spiny puffer fish a tropical fish?

Yes, most species of the Porcupine Puffer Fish are tropical fish.

Where does a butterfly fish survive?

There are many species of "Tropical Coral Reef Fish" that are commonly called "Butterfly Fish"

Are there any extinct tropical fish?

There are thousands of extinct species of fish, both tropical and temperate.

Is the anthias fish tropical water?

These spectacular fish (Pseudanthias species) are tropical marine (salt water) fish.

Is sargassum seaweed fish poisonous?

No, many herbivorous fish use some of the tropical species as a food source.

What kind of fishs live in Congo?

There are many different species but I can say that they will all be "Tropical fish"

Is a barracuia a fish?

Yes, it is one of a species of tropical fish that eats flesh.

Where would a tropical fish be found?

All species of tropical fish could be found in the warm seas around the equator.

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