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10,000 king cobra's

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A ton of

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Q: How many spitting cobras are there in the world?
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How many breeds of cobras are there in the world?

5. They are:Black necked spitting cobraIndo-Chinese spitting cobraRed spitting cobraMozambique spitting cobra andGiant spitting cobra

Can spitting cobras spit?

Skunks can.

What can eat spitting cobras?

Skunks can.

How do red spitting cobras give berth?

Red Spitting Cobras are oviparous. (They lay eggs, normally around 6-15 of them)

Are spitting cobras carnivores herbivores or omnivores?

Spitting cobras are a type of snake. Like all snakes, they are carnivorous. A spitting cobra's prey includes small animals such as rodents.

What is the spitting cobras habitat?

Spitting cobras are found in southern forests of Africa and Asia. They are very dangerous animals and are not to be tampered with.

Can king cobras spit poision?

no only spitting cobras spit venom

What cullor is spitting cobras skin?

A spiting cobras skin is normaly brown.

Do Spitting-Cobras like the hot?

Yes spitting cobra like living in heat

Are spitting cobras endangered?

Some cobras are endangered but there are a few different varieties that spit. Not all cobras are on the endangered list.

How much do spitting cobras weigh?

15 millileters

How dangerous are spitting cobras?

they could blind you or kill you