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How many square bails can you get out of an acre of hay?

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The amount of Hay Bales that you yield from one acre is dependant on many variables. This includes the rate per acre it was seeded at, the ratio of grass to alfalfa used, and the size of the bale. It is also dependant on how many cuttings are available in one year.

Usually land seeded for hay is planted at 20-30lbs per acre. 3 cuttings per year is often the norm, however, depending on the weather it is possible to obtain a fourth cutting (a fith cutting is rare). Hay usually takes the first year to establish itself. Therefor it is likely to only harvest 20-30 bales in the first cutting of the first year. The following cuttings decrease in production.

In the 2-4 years, after the hay has been established, the first cutting is the largest and can produce anywhere from 75-100 bales of hay per acre. The second cutting usually yields 50-75 bales, and it continues to decrease from there. Most farmers anticipate a rough yield of about 200-250 bales per year, after the first year, and provided the weather is good.

Hay is a five year crop that is harvested anywhere from 3-5 times during the summer months. Pricing is dependant on the quality of hay; pure alfalfa sells the highest, and typically the price decreases from there depending on the ratio of alfalfa in the bale, and the "leafiness of the bale"

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Assuming the bail of hay weighs 25 kilograms, it would take about 36 bails of hay.

Well you have to have the equiptment. as long as have a hay cutter, a round or square baler, and a wagon for square bales,or a trailer and a hay lifter for round bails. and there you have it!!! oh and you need a tractor too.

Bucking hay is when you move the bails (ex. from the shed to truck) . The bails tend to be 75lbs to 150lbs

75-100 bales depending on the type of hay, 1st or 2nd cutting , and the size of the bale.

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You can get approximately 100 small bales per acre. This is dependent on the quality of the hay field.

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Typical square bale will weigh between 60 to 120 pounds depending on moisture content and density of material in the bale. Yields of hay very greatly from .05 to 6 ton per acre. Given an average weight of 80 lbs. per bale and average yield of 2.0 ton per acre, one could expect to yield 20-25 square bales per acre.

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Hay bails can vary in size depending on the type of equipment used in bailing the hay. They typical size of the rectangular bale of hay is 15 inches high and 20 inches wide with varying lengths.

You can usually get three to four rounds per acre of land. This of course will depend upon your land.

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On average, around 3 to 4 bales, but it all depends on the forage yield at the time you will be taking hay off.

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Hay is basically grass, so not much water is needed.

In a good growing season, around 50 to 100 bales. However this all depends on your location, moisture content, time of harvest, climate, forage quality, etc. that determines how many bales per acre you will get. Another caveat to this answer: A lot depends on the stand of hay. Is it alfalfa or grass? How thick is the stand of hay? Was it rained on or not? How many times was it raked prior to baling (raking it numerous times knocks the leaves off of alfalfa)? Is it first, second, third or even fourth cutting of said forage?

There are fifteen small bales of hay in a 3x3x8 square bale. The 3x3x8 square bale weighs 750 pounds and the small bales weigh 50 pounds.

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A square bale of hay will vary in cost according to what type of hay it is, how much it weighs, where it was grown, who is selling it, and many other factors. You can expect to pay from $5.50 and up from there.

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The number of bales of hay you can get from an acre of alfalfa depends on multiple variables, such as the rate at which the field was seeded, how well the alfalfa grew, and the size of the bales. It also depends on how long the alfalfa has been planted and if it is the first, second, or third cutting. In general, you should be able to get about 75 100-pound bales per acre at each cutting.

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3- 5 per acre per year. Average production of hay is 2- 3 tons per growing season in the U.S. midwest. Average weight of a round bale is 1200 pounds or 0.6 tons. Lots of variables here including length of growing season, rainfall, type of hay produced, and bale size.

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