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Q: How many squares of baking chocolate equal one packet of choco bake?
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How much fry's choco do l need to equal 2 squares unstweetened chocolate?

The Fry's Choco needed to equal 2 squares of unsweetened chocolate can be determined by using kitchen measurements. Know the weight or amount of the 2 squares and measure the Fry's Choco until that measurement is equal.

What can be substituted for choco bake?

what can be substituted for choco bake? Unsweetened baking chocolate, melted and cooled, ounce for ounce.

What candy is always late?

Chocolate Choco-late Chocolate latte Choco-late ey?

What consist of chocolate?


What is the name of the zumba song - choco choco lat lat everybody do the chocolate'?

"Chocolate" by Soul Control

Do you have to Chocolate for the Choco bread?


What country does choco come from?

chocolate (alias choco) is a bean that originated from spain.

How do you make a choco-taco?

you get a tortilla and fry it. then put chocolate in it. Choco taco is just a choco dessert that resembles a taco

What is the main ingredient of milk chocolate?

milk & choco

Is a chocolate a compound word?


Who sings year 3000?

chocolate man and the choco brownies!

What is the lifetime of a chocolate lab?

it depends um if you like choco

Who invented the first piece of chocolate?

Toothie Choco invented it in 1554.

How do you say chocalate in Japanese?

It stays "chocolate", but is often shortened to "choco."

How many syllables does hot chocolate have?

3 hot- choco-late

How do you say chocolate syrup in spanish?

jugo de chocolate (choco-lAtE) over-pronounce the A and E in lAtE

Is unsweetened cocoa the same as packets of choco-bake chocolate flavor?

yes it is

Does choco mean chocolate?

yeah but people tend to say choccy or choc

What does choco loco mean in Spanish?

That would be nonsense or slang. Choco is perhaps short for chocolate. Loco is Spanish for crazy.This is purely speculation, but it perhaps means crazy chocolate. What that might mean is anyone's guess.

What is the mixture of coffee and chocolate called?

choco rush so crazy I'm high

Why is it called chocolate?

The word Chocolate is from the Mexican word xocolatl.Chocolate has a perfect explaination for its name. Chocolate is made from choco beans froma choco tree in Africa.When the finder of the cacaobean, he made a drink of it. he called it chocolat, which means bitter water (because coco itself has no sugar) so "chocolate" was derived from "chocolat"

What are some names for chocolate labs?

Hershey, Choko, Choco, Choco Latte, Twix, Mr. Goodbar (Goodie), Brownie, Puddin, Bunny, Fudgy, Hot Fudge, and many more.

What does the Japanese word honmei-chocomean?

Honmei choco means true feeling chocolate. A woman will give this chocolate to the man she has feelings for on Valentine's day.

How was chocolate discovered?

the choclate is found in a choco tree in some where in Asia .... i think by the way its in a plant shaped like a mango i think .... its greeny outside tipe on Google pictures choco trees

What country did the word chocolate come into the English language from?

I think the choco part comes from the word cacoa, the chocolate bean, and the late part from the chocolate made when the Aztecs boiled chocolate. So the answers do your question is Mexico.