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Q: How many stacked of toilet paper rolls would it take to make a tower 150m high?
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What lake is by the Eiffel tower?

the toilet

Is there a toilet in the Eiffel tower?

Yes, several

What solid figures can be stacked to make a round tower with a flat top?

rectangle, cylinder

How many bagels - stacked - would it take to reach the top of the Sears Tower?


What is another word for stacked?

heap, pile, mound, mountain, pyramid, tower.

How do you build a paper tower using 6 sheets of paper?

peanut butter

How do you build a newspaper tower?

scrunch up lots of paper balls and stickytape them together in a tower shape :]

What is the game called that is a tower of oblong bricks and they are stacked in rows of three on top of each other and alternate they way they are facing each level?


How do you make a homemade cat tower?

With lots of toilet roll tubes and good sticky tape :D

How do you build a paper tower?

dnt know how to do this help please

Is it dangerous to drop a paper clip from the eiffiel tower?

Not at all.

How do tower crane operators answer the call of nature?

They usually have bucket and paper tower beside the seat. I know, it 's gross.