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Q: How many stamps needed for 1.1 letter?
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How much postage is needed to mail a letter within Canada?

Domestic postage for a standard letter is now .57 each, .60 with tax. These stamps do not have the rate on them, and never expire. This change was done as of Jan 11, 2010.

What is an 11 letter word with the following letters in it iillatetpsh?

one who collects or studies stamps philatelist

How many stamps to send a letter from US to Mexico?

It takes 98 cents to send a letter to Brazil from the US

How many stamps do you need to send a letter to Greece?

A regular letter, normal sized envelope, with Max. length 11 1/2", height 6 1/8", thickness 1/4", that weighs approximately 1 OZ or less costs .98 cents or 3ea of 44 cents stamps or 2ea of 44 Cent stamps and at least a 10 cent stamp.

How many stamps does a 11 ounce parcel take?

It depends what country and how far you are sending it.

What is an 11 letter word something needed for life and growth?


When did Jackie Stamps die?

Jackie Stamps died on 1991-11-19.

How many stamps do you put on a 10.194 oz letter?

After 3.5 ounces, the item moves up to large envelope rates. The current rate as of 2016 for an 11 ounce large envelope is $3.18.

How many stamps do you need to send a letter to Poland from California?

First-Class Mail International Letter Value of contents cannot exceed $400.00 Max. length 11-1/2", height 6-1/8" or thickness 1/4" Price $1.15=3 stamps 1 stamp is $0.49, 2 stamps is only $0.98, so you have to use 3. Alternatively you can take it to the post office and pay $1.15, or use a postage machine.

How many people are needed to play this sport?

11 on the pitch and as many subs

Does the post office sell 15 cent stamps?

Yes. All small values 1,2,3,4 and 5 cents are readily available at the Post Office. I am not sure about random values like 11 or 24, but you can put multiple lower denomination stamps if needed.

How many stamps are needed to send a parcel from US to Ghana?

It's best to go to the post office and pay the postage there. A flat rate envelope to Ghana costs $11. It's cheap to send mail from Ghana to the US, but expensive the other way around. I know someone who sent a letter to Ghana and it cost them .94 cents. This is just a simple letter that you drop in the mail box. To be safe, put three stamps on the envelope and everything will be right as rain.