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Q: How many stars did die hard 4.0 receive?
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Does Kevin Costner star in the movie Die Hard?

No; Bruce Willis stars in Die Hard.

Who was the star of Die Hard 4.0?

The main star of the Die Hard series, up to and including the latest (that means Die Hard 4 as well), has been Bruce Willis, who stars as the role character of John McClane.

How many stars there is in the sky?

there are so many that it would be impossible to find the total amount of stars because all stars die and become reborn

What are all the die hard movie names?

Die Hard Die Hard 2: Die Harder Die Hard With A Vengeance Live Free or Die Hard In 2013, "A Good Day to Die Hard" will be released

What where the 4 diehard movies?

Die Hard Die Hard II - Die Harder Die Hard III - Die Hard With A Vengenance Die Hard 4.0

Does Hazel die in The Fault in Our Stars if not who does?

Hazel does not die in the novel, "The Fault in Our Stars", but Augustus does die.

Did pawn stars chumley die?

No, Pawn Stars' Chumlee did not die.

what is the chronological order of the die hard movies?

Die Hard (1988), Die Hard 2: Die Harder (1990), Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995), Live Free or Die Hard (2007), A Good Day to Die Hard (2013) and the upcoming Die Hardest (2015)

How many bullets fired in the movie die hard?

365 bullets

What are the 4 die hard films?

Die Hard Die Hard 2: Die Harder Die hard With a Vengeance Live Free or Die Hard

How are stars borrn and how do they die?

Stars are born in a Nebula and die by burning out their energy.

How do sea stars die?

Sea Stars die when there out of the ocean too long .

Will Firestar die?

yes, he will eventually die. It is possible that he will in Omen Of The Stars, but still, no cats live forever. TRD: Many think Firestar will die in the next book of Omen of the Stars or the last one. Many think that Brableclaw will choose Lionblaze as his deputy. These are rumors.

Does annemarie die in Number the Stars?

No, Annemarie nor Ellen die in Number the Stars.

What is a good name for a poem about friends being stars?

Some good names for friends being stars are: Stardust, Shooting Stars, Stardom,Shining Stars, My Shining Star,Shining Bright, Shine On Me, Shine me on, Shining me through the clouds, Shining me through the stars, My lucky stars, In the sky are friendly stars, Stars never die, Friends never die, Friends are for life - they are the shining stars. Those are just a few of the many imaginative names you can think of.

How does Ellen die in Number The Stars?

Ellen does not die in Number The Stars. She makes it to Sweden Safley with her family.

How many Die Hard movies are there with Bruce Willis?


What is the best Die Hard movie?

The quality order of Die Hard Movies is as follows: 1. Die Hard 2. Die Hard: With a Vengence 4. Die Hard: Die Harder 18. Die Hard: Live Free or Die Hard Note the numbering is correct

When was Kennst du die Stars created?

Kennst du die Stars was created in 2009.

Which stars are most common in the Milky Way Galaxy Why don't you see many of them in H-R diagrams?

The most common stars are Red Dwarfs. It is probable that up to 80% of all stars in the universe are red dwarfs. They are not visible on the on the H-R Diagram because they are hard to observe from Earth due to their low-luminosity. In contrast O-type and B-type supergiants are extremely rare. The reason for this is because they evolve and die quickly.

How many animals die from trash?

1000-2000 die from trash.... it is very hard for me to believe this but, it is right....

Is die hard hyphenated?


Why do you think meteors are shooting stars?

Because stars are rocks that get their light from the sun and if they die, (stars can die), they simply fall or they just stay there in the sky.

What are the names of the die hard movies?

1. Die Hard (1988) 2. Die Hard 2: Die Harder (1990) 3. Die Hard With A Vengence (1995) 4. Live Free or Die Hard (2007)

How many die hard movies have starred Bruce Willis?

The cowboy John McClane is played by Bruce Willis in all 5 Die Hard Movies -hg