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Every state has had at least a few weak tornadoes.

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Q: How many states in America get tornadoes?
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Does all America get tornadoes?

All 50 states get tornadoes though they are rare in many of the states.

How many tornadoes has there been in America?

There have been many thousands of tornadoes in the United states. This country averages over 1000 tornadoes every year.

How many states have had tornadoes?

All 50 states have had tornadoes.

What places in America have the most tornadoes?

The top five states with the most tornadoes are:TexasOklahomaKansasFloridaNebraska

Where tornadoes happen the most?

the United States of America

How many tornadoes occur in one year in America?

The United States averages about 1,200 tornadoes each year, some years have more and some have less.

Where in north America do tornadoes form?

Tornadoes can form almost anywhere in North America but occur most often on the central plains of the United States.

How many states have had tornadoes since 1990?

All 50 states have had tornadoes since 1990.

How many tornadoes in 2007?

The United States had 1093 tornadoes in 2007.

Where in North America are the worst tornadoes?

The worst tornadoes in North America generally strike the central and southern United States, though several particularly destructive tornadoes have occurred in southern Canada and in New England.

How many states has been in tornadoes occur in 1950?

There have been tornadoes reported in all 50 states in the United States in the year 1950. While some states have a higher frequency of tornadoes, it is possible for tornadoes to occur in any state under the right conditions.

What four states in America have the most tornadoes?

The four states in America that typically experience the most tornadoes are Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Florida. These states are located in the central part of the country, which is known as "Tornado Alley" due to the high frequency of tornadoes in the region.