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If by "america" you mean the United States of America, then there are no "provinces". However, there are states, which are similar in concept to provinces in other countries. There are fifty such states in the US.

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Q: How many provinces are there in america?
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How many provinces are in America?

There are no provinces in America.

How many provinces in America?

There are no provinces in the United States, but there are 50 states.

What is America's province?

America is not considered a province. Canada, which is part of North America is subdivided into provinces (and territories) however.

Which country in North America is divided into provinces?

Canada is divided into 10 provinces and 3 territories.

What were the conquered provinces in America?

seceded states

What was the united Provinces of Latin America?

cheese cookies

Why did the united provinces of Central America break up?


Does America have a province?

No, the United States does not have provinces. It is divided into states, each with its own government and constitution. The term "province" is more commonly used in countries with a history of colonial rule.

What did the french establish in the America?

Basically all of Canada, as well as the fur trading business. This is why many of the Canadian provinces speak French.

How many Easter provinces are there in Canada?

there are 9 provinces

How many of provinces of Pakistan?

there are four provinces of Pakistan

How many provinces Pakistan?

4 provinces .