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There were three camps on or near the main site - Auschwitz I, Auschwitz II (Birkenau) and Auschwitz III (Monowitz, also sometimes called Buna) - plus a further 45 sub-camps, some 80 miles away.

Please see the related question below for more detail.

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Auschwitz had three main camps and 45 sub-camps.

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Q: How many sub-camps did Auschwitz contain?
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When were the subcamps of Auschwitz liberated?

A range of dates from 22nd-30th January 1945.

Why was Auschwitz seen as a model camp?

because, Auschwitz isnt a single camp it's 3 main campswith 48 subcamps

What was Gleiwitz camp?

There were four sub-camps of Auschwitz in Gleiwitz.

What does supcamps mean?

A subcamp is a smaller division of a larger camp. The Auschwitz-Birkenau complex had many subcamps around the central camp itself.

What concentration camp was considered the largest?

Auschwitz was the largest concentration camp.

What are satellite camps?

In the Holocaust satellite camps were smaller subcamps of major concentration camps. For example, Auschwitz had about 35 of them. to be exact they had 45 of them

Was there anything similar to Auschwitz?

There were other extermination camps and other harsh concentration camps. (See the related questions below). Auschwitz was unusual in that it combined both functions: it was a huge complex with 45 subcamps in addition to the three main camps (Auschwitz I, II and III).

How long did it take to build Auschwitz?

It began as a big concentration camp, mainly for Poles and was extended in stages. Auschwitz I used existing buidlings to a large extent and most of it was in use in 1940. Auschwitz II (Birkenau) was built in 1941-42 and Auschwitz III (Monowitz) in 1942. Several sub-camps (about 35) were added.

What was the name of the largest German concentration camp?

Auschwitz was the largest Nazi concentration camp. It consisted of three camps on the main site and a further 45 subcamps, including an agricultural research farm and factories.

Where were death camps located?

yes and one of them was up ue ****

Was Auschwitz a women's camp?

Yes. Auschwitz was #1 an extermination camp for men, women and children and also #2 a slave labour camp for women as well as men.

What was the name of the death camp that the slaves went to?

The vast majority of Jews were sent to extermination camps and not to "ordinary" concentration camps. Please see the related question.There were some in Poland,, 2 holdng camps in France and of course in Germany.Of course there were other people concentrated there as well, for instance: Gypsies, political dissidents and homosexuals, eventually most of them all had their lives ended in a most cruel and hideous manner.___The extermination camps were all in Poland.