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In the Holocaust satellite camps were smaller subcamps of major concentration camps. For example, Auschwitz had about 35 of them.

to be exact they had 45 of them

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2010-04-26 18:05:43
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Q: What are satellite camps?
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What is the difference between concentration camps and satellite camps?

Some of the main camps (Stammlager) had several satellite camps. These were usually smaller labour camps away from the main camp. Remember that by about 1940 the SS to some extent saw itself as a business entreprise, hiring out very cheap labour ... So, they had satellite camps at several workplaces and projects. Conditions at satellite camps varied: at some they were as bad or even worse than at the main camps, at others they were a little better. Many of the smaller satellite camps were temporary. Once the project was complete, the camp was dissolved and the inmates were sent elsewhere. At all satellite camps, the inmates were kept out of view of ordinary German workers and they were still subject to supervision by the SS.

How many concentration camps were there throughout Europe during World War 2?

Many of the camps had satellite camps, some of which functioned for only fairly short periods of time. The Wikipedia article - see below - gives the names of the main camps and some information about the satellite camps.

How many concentration camps did Adolf Hitler have?

In 1941-44 the Nazis had: * 6 extermination camps * 17 other major camps * About 1,500 satellite camps

What was the most infamous Nazi camp?

Auschwitz. (It was in fact a complex of about three main camps and 35 satellite camps).

How big was Stutthof?

Stutthof was one of the smaller concentration camps but had a large number of satellite camps. According to the link below about 85,000 people perished there.

How many camps consist of aushwitzwhat are they called and what was each used for?

Auschwitz was the name for a network of concentration and extermination camps. There were two main camps and 45 satellite camps. The camps were controlled by the Third Reich and many Jewish people ended up?ækilled or?ætortured there.

What were the names of the three main camps at Auschwitz?

Auschwitz-I (Stammlager), Auschwitz-II Birkenau, and Auschwitz III-Monowitz... And then the forty-odd satellite camps that surrounded...

Who survived Auschwitz?

Auschwitz was a vast complex of camps (three main camps and 45 satellite camps). Nearly all the survivors were from the forced labour camps. Well known survivors include Elie Wiesel, Primo Levi and Fania Fenelon.

How many death camp were in World War 2?

There were seven death camps and close on 1,500 concentration camps. (This second figure includes all small and temporary satellite camps). Please see the related question - and the links from there.

Is there a complete list of Nazi concentration camps?

The list given below (click link) was compiled by the Federal German Ministry of Justice and includes all known satellite and sub-camps, including temporary short term camps. It runs to a staggering total of over 1,600 camps.

Was slavery during world war 1 or world war 2?

By 1944 Nazi had 13 main concentration camps and over 500 satellite camps. The concentration camps were not just to murder people but also for free slave labor.

What was the biggest to the smallest concentration camp?

The biggest was Auschwitz, which at one time consisted of three camps on the main site and 45 satellite camps; the smallest was Kuhlen, which operated from July till October 1933 and had only 200 inmates.

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