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no it is 365.5 days that is why we have leap year so you are wrong my friend who wrote this

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There are 11 months in a Mayan Calender

the Mayan calendar is no longer used why because people can not understand the Mayan calendar

the aztecs made the mayan calendar

Most likely because the symbols are seen in many inscriptions and carvings making it more obvious that they are dates/times. Also, there are those who follow the calendar as it was passed down from generation to the next.

The Mayan Calendar was written in about 3372 B.C

The Mayan calendar is a ancient calendar to the Mayan civilization. Some people thought it predicted the end of the world in 2012, but we are still here.

they belived in many gods polytheistic people have a calendar of the days and names on the calendar

The Mayan calendar had 18 months of 20 days each

the Mayan calendar was made in 3372 B.C., as far as i could find out

First, the Mayan calendar doesn't predict the end of the world. It is cyclical and according to the calendar, one cycle is ending and a new one is starting. To properly read the Mayan calendar, you need to study Mayan writing and Mayan culture. It's pretty complicated. The link below supplies tips on how to understand the calendar.

The name of that calendar is the Mayan calendar.

It is different by...................................................................... Learn from wikipedia just search Mayan calender and they will teach you about it

"Tzolkin" and "Haab'" are two of the Mayan words used to name their calendar.

At least three:The Tzolkin, the Sacred Round calendar.The Haab' the solar calendarThe Long Count calendar

Contrary to popular belief the Mayan calendar does not mention the end of the world. It is the calendar that ends.

There are 5,126 years (5125.36 to be exact) in the Mayan calendar. Scholars calculate that the Mayan calendar began in 3114 B.C. and will end 12/21/2012. While our modern calendars are based upon the time it takes the earth to revolve around the sun, they Mayan calendar is based upon the earth's position in the galactic alignment of our galaxy.

The Mayan Calendar. and the Mayan writing(hieroglyphics).

The "long count" of the Mayan Calendar repeats every 394.3 years, so you could say that it has ended many times since it was devised.

The Mayan calendar could predict things such as eclipses etc, similar to all calendars.

It's on this slate looking thing shaped like a circle. It has a monkey face in the middle and has symbols surrounding it.

The Mayan Tzolkin calendar has 260 days, and the Haab has 360 days. The Tzolkin calendar was used for daily life, but the Haab was used for religious holidays and such.

The Mayan sun calendar was a religious calendar of 265 days. The priests consulted the calendar whenever an important decision was to be made, like when to plant crops or when to do sacrifices.

The oldest known version of the Mayan calendar was found painted on the wall of the ruins of a lost city in Guatemala

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