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Q: How many tanks in Russian army in ww II?
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What is the Soviet army?

The Soviet army is the army of Russia and some territories around Russia. The Soviet army is better known as the Russian army of World War II

Who was The Russian leader who mobilized the army against Germany to start world war 1?

Nicholas II

What has the author Tim Bean written?

Tim Bean has written: 'Russian tanks of World War II' -- subject(s): Campaigns, Tank warfare, Tanks (Military science), World War, 1939-1945

When did the Russian army free Auschwitz?

Auschwitz I, II and III (that is, the whole main site) were liberated by the Soviet Army on 27 January 1945. This day is now observed in many countries as Holocaust Memorial Day.

What nickname was the Russian army given in World War 1?

Russia was one of the few countries that participated in both World War I and World War II. During World War I the Russian army was known as the Cossacks.

Did Japan use tanks in World War 2?

Yes, Japan had many different tanks in WW II. See the related link below.

When was Russian battleship Ekaterina II created?

Russian battleship Ekaterina II was created in 1889.

What did Alexander II do?

I presume you mean Tsar Alexander II of the Russian Empire. He did many things, of course, but his main achievement was the emancipation, at LONG last, of the millions of Russian serfs.

The biggest tank battle in history?

The Battle of the Kursk, in the summer (July-August) of 1943 on the Russian front of WW2 is by far the largest armored combat ever, with approximately 8,000 tanks. The biggest single-day armored battle was the Battle of Prokhorovka (12 July 1943), a part of the Battle of Kursk; the main combatants were the German II SS Panzer Corps and the Russian 5th Guards Tank Army. Roughly 1,500 tanks were involved, with about 800 destroyed or damaged in that single day.

When was Russian battleship Imperator Aleksandr II created?

Russian battleship Imperator Aleksandr II was created in 1891-06.

How many German Panzer tanks was built between 1936-1945?

Name of : Number of Tanks Tank Built Panzer I: 1,490 Tanks Panzer II: 1,856 Tanks Panzer III: 5,774 Tanks Panzer IV: 9,200 Tanks Panzer V/Panther: 6,055 Tanks Panzer VIE: 1,347 Tanks Panzer VIB: 492 Tanks Panzer VII:5 Tanks Panzer VII:1 Tanks Total tanks Built between 1936-1945 was 26,220 Panzer tanks

When was II Army Corps - Greece - created?

II Army Corps - Greece - was created in 1914.

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