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Ryan ross has 4 tattoos. two on his wrist and two more on the back of his arms

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How many tattoos does Max Green have?

he has got 11 tattoos

How many tattoos does Louis Tomlinsin have?

He has got 7 tattoos.

Does Ryan sheckler have any tattoos?

yes he has SHECKLER across his upper back and he recently got 2 new tattoos but im not sure what they are.

How many tattoos has Fernando Torres got on his body?

He has 5 tattoos

Was Ryan ross in any sports?

If you are referring to the musician Ryan Ross, then yes. He said in an interview once that he played hockey when he was younger. When he got older he mostly just did skateboarding.

Where does Ryan ross get his scarves?

In one of the interview he stated that he got most of them from photo shoots

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How many children has Diana Ross got?

Diana Ross has got five children

How many tattoos does justinn bieber have?

He has 3 tattoos at the moment. He just got his third one recently.

Has Gary Barlow got tattoos?

He has no tattoos.

How many tattoos has holly Marie combs got?

she has 7

How many tattoos has Mike Tyson got?

I think 10......

Has Cher Lloyd got real tattoos?

Yes. Cher Lloyd has many tattoos on her arms and hands and they are all real.

How many tattoos has justinbieber got?

Don't no but he has one which says believe

How does this person know for a fact that he got his tattoos at 16?

I would imagine this person was there when he got his tattoos.

How many tattoos does Emma Watson have?

zero. She does not have any permanent tattoos If that's what you mean :) She got a temporary one once though.

How many tattoos does Beau Brooks have?

Beau has got two tattoos, one is a star on his chest and I'm not to sure what the other one is. :)

How many tattoos have kimberley Walsh got?

kimberley Walsh has got 1 tattoo and it is of a butterfly on her foot

How many awards did Betsy Ross get?

she got 10

Has Louis Tomlinson got ant tattoos?

No, Louis hates tattoos.

Has Jessie j got any tattoos?

Jessie J has 4 tattoos.

Has john cena got tattoos?


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