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88,000 public school teachers

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Q: How many teachers are still teaching in NJ?
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How much do family and consumer sciences teachers get paid?

26 years of experience Teaching FCS in a NJ public school $90,000 with a BS in Science

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What teaching jobs are available in NJ?

Well, that depends on what subject and what grades you are qualified to teach in. There are no different teaching jobs as such, as a music or a math teacher still teaches. I would recommend asking your local education board when it comes to employment.

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Is there short term disability benefits from New Jersey state for teachers?

The NJ Short Term Disability insurance program is mandated for people who work in NJ for Private employers. Government employers are exempt from this mandate. Most teachers work for a local municipal government, and therefore do not have mandated coverage. Many municipalities and school boards elect to participate. If your school board elected to participate, then you are covered. If not you are out of luck.

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