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The Eggheads have been beaten 117 times by different challenging teams. The latest defeat was on October 7, 2014. The winning team's name wasÊBurns Baby Burns.

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How many times have the eggheads been beaten?

Yes 63 times

When was Eggheads first broadcast?

The Bbc gameshow, eggheads, was first aired in 2003. It consists of teams of five players who answer multiple choice questions. The rollergirls were among the first notable teams featured on the show.

How many undefeated teams have the New York Giants beaten?


Has anyone ever beaten the eggheads?

The Unicorn Inn from Canterbury, Kent, were the first team to beat the Eggheads when they won the 13th edition (28 November 2003) in a sudden death tie break. Celebrity status and £13,000

Which is the only team that Brett Favre has not beaten?

he has beaten all 32 teams

Which teams has Brett Favre not beaten?

Brett Favre has beaten every team in the nfl.

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What teams have never beaten the Redskins in DC?

Detroit Lions

Which teams have Manchester United never beaten?

southend united

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At one point, they did.

In 2009 what teams have beaten the Patriots?

The Broncos, Jets, and Colts.

What 3 teams have never beaten the colts at home?


3 NFL quarterbacks who have beaten all 31 other NFL teams?

Peyton Manning Brett Farve Tom BradyKerry Collins has beaten all 31 teams. If the Titans beat the Dolphins in this 2009 season, he will have beaten all 32. Brett Favre has now beat all 32 teams.

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the titans from ps#10

Who do British call eggheads?

Eggheads are really smart people; geniuses and people who work hard at school.

What movie and television projects has Kevin Ashman been in?

Kevin Ashman has: Played himself in "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" in 1998. Played himself in "Eggheads" in 2003. Played Himself - Egghead in "Eggheads" in 2003. Performed in "Eggheads" in 2003. Played Himself - Egghead in "Celebrity Eggheads" in 2008.

Patriots have beaten what teams in the Super Bowl from 2001 until now?

They have beaten the St. Louis Rams, Philadelphia Eagles, and the Carolina Panthers.

Which head coaches have beaten all 32 NFL teams?

Tony Dungy

Which teams has dallas beaten in the playoffs in the last 15 years?

Philadelphia Eagles.

Has cj left the eggheads?


Which is older Eggheads or Who wants to be a millionare?

Millionaire is the older - it started in 1998. Eggheads didn't start until 2003.

How many undefeated teams have the Dolphins beaten?

well the dolphins almost beat NE when they were undeafeted in 2007 the dolphins lost by 3 points

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For 2012, there is a possibility. They have won many games, but have started to lose lots of games to teams they should have beaten. They are in the top 4 for the AFC, but other teams have a better chance.

In the NCAA tournament how many 12 seeds have beaten 5 seeds?

Since 1985 when the NCAA Turnament expanded to 64 teams the No. 12 seed has beaten the number 5 seed 35 times. Or about 1 out of three.

What teams have the New York Jets never beaten?

The New York Jets have never beaten the Philadelphia Eagles. They are 0-9 against the Eagles.

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