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Simple past tense.

Past perfect tense.

Past perfect continuous tense.

Past continuous tense.

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What is the present perfect My sister ATTEND night school for the past five years and she finally will graduate at the end of July

From the window peered a scary face that frightened your little brother

What is the past progressive tense for plan

What is the present progressive tense of swim

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Q: How many tenses are there in PAST tense like simple present tense?
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Is the simple past tenses and the simple tenses same?

The simple tenses refer to the simple past tense, the simple present tense and the simple future tense.

Is present past and future the same thing as the simple tenses of verbs?

There is a simple present, past and future tense. There are also perfect present, past and future tenses.

What are the 3 simple tenses of verbs?

present tense past tense future tense

What is the past tense future tense and present tense of simple?

"Simple" isn't a verb, so it doesn't have any tenses.

What are the simple tenses of the verb announce?

Simple past tense - announced Simple present tense - announce/announces Simple future tense - will announce

The simple tenses of verb?

The simple tenses are the one-word tenses. We have the simple present tense and the simple past tense. An example of the simple present: I go, you go, he goes, she goes, it goes, we go, they go. An example of simple past: I went, you went he went, she went, it went, we went, they went.

What are the 2 tenses that will never have auxilliary helping verbs?

Present tense: I am; you are; he,she,it is; we are, they are. Simple past I was, you were; he,she,it were; we were; they were

What are the tenses for fly?

Past tense - flew (simple) & flown (past participle) Present tense - I/you/we/they fly. He/she/it flies. The present participle is flying. Future tense - will fly.

How do you avoid mixing tenses?

Stay in one tense. Past, present, or future. A sentence shouldn't contain a past tense verb and a present tense verb. You can, however, mix present simple, present progressive, and present perfect. The same can be said for past and future tenses. There are times when the mixing of past, present, and future is acceptable.

What are Different tenses for the word be?

Past tense - was and were. Present tense - am, are and is.

What are the past and present tenses of take?

Take already is the present tense. Took is the past tense.

Is present past and future simple tense verbs?

There are two simple tenses. Present simple and past simple. The word simple means one verb ie not a verb phrase.Present simple has one verb in a present tense form eg They walk to school. -- walk is the present tense verb.Past simple has one verb in a past tense form eg We walked to school. -- walked is the past tense verb.

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