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Q: How many terms can a governor serve in Michigan?
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How many terms can NJ governor serve?

How many years can a governor serve

How many terms may an Idaho governor serve?

There is NO limit to how many terms the governor of Idaho may serve.

How many consecutive terms can the lieutenant governor serve?

the liteutenant governor can serve an unlimited umber of consecutive terms in office.

How many terms a governor serve in Illinois?

The term of office of Governor of Illinois is four years, and there is no limit on the number of terms a governor may serve.

How many terms can a Missouri Governor serve?

2 terms

How many terms can a new york governor serve?

There is no limit on how many terms a New York governor can serve. Other states with no term limits for governors are New Hampshire, Texas, and Utah.

How many terms can a Washington State Governor serve?

two 2nd Answer: There are no limits to the number of terms a governor may serve in the State of Washington. ("Two" is the maximum number of terms the President of the US may serve.)

How many terms can he or she serve as a governor?


How many terms can and Illinois governor serve?

The Governor in Illinois serves a four-year term and there is no limit on the number of terms a governor may serve.

How many terms can governor serve?

they can serve one term per election

How many terms does governor serve?

They serve one term per election.

How many terms can a Montana Governor serve?


How many terms as governor did Reagan serve?


How many terms do you serve as a governor?

37 years

How many terms can you serve as governor in Maryland?


How many terms can a governor serve for?

Two x Four- Year Terms.

How long can a Michigan Senator serve?

Under the term limits voted in as an amendment to the Michigan State Constitution, senators, representatives, and the governor can serve two terms. Because the length of terms differs, this adds up to four years for representatives and eight for the governor or senators. Michigan's Senators in the United State Senate serve a term of six years. They may be re-elected for as many additional terms as the voters allow. There have been some attempts to limit the terms of US Senators by State law, but since the US Constitution overrides the state laws for federal elections, this wouldn't stand up.

How many years does a lieutenant governor have?

A lieutenant governor can serve for four year terms.

How many terms can a South Carolina governor serve?

As of June 2014, a South Carolina governor can only serve for two consecutive terms. The governors are elected by public vote.

How many terms can a North Carolina Governor serve?

All governors can only serve 2 terms = 8 years

How many consecutive terms may the governor serve?


How many terms did George Deukmejian serve as Governor?


How many terms can a governor serve in California?

Two times.

How many terms can a California governor serve?

Two times.

How many years may the Governor of Virginia serve?

The state of Virginia is currently the only state where the Governor cannot serve more than one term at a time. He/she may serve as many non-consectutive terms as they want but no consectutive terms. The legnth of a Virginia Governor's term is 4 years.