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The Philippines has one national flag

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Q: How many the flag of Philippines?
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How many rays of sun in the Philippines flag?


How many rays does Philippines flag has on the sun?

The Philippines flag has 8 rays on its flag and these 8 rays stand for the 8 provinces that stood up against the Spanish revolution.

How many stars are on the Philippines flag?

4, sun is a star...

Tagalog meaning of flag of the Philippines?

The Tagalog term for "flag of the Philippines" is "bandila ng Pilipinas."

What is the flag name of Philippines?

The name of the Philippines flag is 3 stars and a sun. The Filipino flag was adopted on June 12th, 1898.

Does Philippines burn a tattered flag?

No, burning a national flag is not a common practice in the Philippines. The proper way to dispose of a tattered flag in the Philippines is through a ceremony called "flag retirement," where it is respectfully folded and buried or cremated.

Does the Philippines have a flag?


Who quilt the flag of the Philippines?

The flag of the Philippines was made on Hongkong by Marcela Agoncillo , Lorenza Agoncillo and Delfina Herbosa

What is special about the Philippines flag?


What is the meaning of star on the flag of the Philippines?

There are 3 stars in the Philippine Flag which represent the 3 major islands in the Philippines - LUZON, VISAYAS and MINDANAO.

What is the present government system of the Philippines?


What is the meaning of the blue in the flag of the Philippines?

The blue in the flag of the Philippines represents peace, truth, and justice. It stands for the principles that the nation upholds in governing its people.