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How many third world countries are in the world today?


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There are 47 third world countries today.

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There are 196 independent countries in the world today.

Third world countries are a topic of fun for the developed countries.But they are facing so many problems like poverty and today the biggest problem is terrorism that is separating the castes specially in india.

Europe is not a country. It is a continent consisting of many countries. None of these countries would be considered as being third world countries.

There are over 30 countries that are considered to be Third World. Some of these countries include Somalia, Yemen, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Zambia.

There are many third world countries in the world. These include Malawi, Somalia, Yemen, Liberia, Niger, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Zambia.

Many countries to, those are called 'third world countries'. There are a lot of them.

Many third world countries or developing countries have a traditional economy.

Africa is not a third world country, in fact, it is not a country at all. It is a continent that has many countries in it, not all of which are third world.

Developing countries are also known as third world countries. These countries are less industrialized than developed countries. Many countries in Africa and southern Asia are third world countries.

Sub-saharan Africa is not a country at all. It consists of many different countries. Many of them would be third world countries.

there are about 100,000 in the world today and about half of them are in remote countries and still counting.

underdeveloped countries are countrys that are not as stable and cn often consist of third world countreis... many countries on Africa are underdeveloped and compare the third world to America and you will see many changes. the usa is the leading continent in the world!!!!!!!

Come to my house and I will teach you how to dance >:P

Islam is practiced in many countries across the world.

One third of the people in the world are followers of Christianity.

There are approximately 196 countries in the world today. The last country that was formed was South Sudan on July 9, 2011.

there are many countries in the WORLD that do not allow women to vote for example Saudi Arabia, places in asia and many third world countries.

There are 196 independent countries in the world today. , good luck :)

Many, many countries are predominantly Christian, but Christians exist all over the world today - there being some even in what are thought of as "Muslim" countries.

Segregation has occured in countries all over the world, most notably the United States where Martin Luther King fought against racial discrimination through a series of non-violent protests. Unfortuantely, segregation still exists today in many third world countries.

There are many, mostly in South America and Africa

Yes, that is true. Many third world countries have the poorest people.

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