How many thoughts do people have each day?

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The human brain produces approximately 70,000 thoughts on an average day

There are 86,400 seconds in a 24 hour day.
That means we have a different thought every 1.2 seconds.
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How many people die each day in the US from smoking?

If 430,000 - 435,000 thousand people die each year in the United States, then divided by 365 = 1,178 - 1,192 die each day from smoking in the US alone. See sources in the links below.

How many images do people see each day?

Apparently a study in 1995 said it was 11,000. Some estimate now its about 15,000. That's about as much info as I can give you ...

How many people die each day in Africa?

Answer one in every 60 seconds.......... . i do not think that is it true... well i know that a lot of kids die of starvation some of a sickness so if you add that up that would be about 5-15 kids a day

How many people are born each day in the US?

Between 300,000 and 1 million. About 4 million children are born each year so about 11,000 children are born each day on average. 3.14 most deff. i did a lot of reseach and this is the number i have concluded upon....and yes i am a genius. 11,000"Of the approximately 11,000 babies born every day ( Full Answer )

How many people use the internet each day?

Now that's a hard one to nail down! Since no one group monitors internet usage, many different organizations make educated guesses. If we narrow your question down to daily Internet users in the United States, I can find a number for you. The Pew internet and American Life Project conducted a study ( Full Answer )

How many people start smoking each day?

Statistics show that the number of people who begin smoking eachday is 80,000 at the low end of the estimate and as many as 100,000at the upper end of the estimate. The greatest majority of them arechildren or young adults.

How many people die each day from an eating disorder?

Answer . About 24000 people die each day from hunger, and about 822 americans die each day from obesity.. umm that above answers was interesting but useless to this question. to answer your question 3 people die everyday (that are reported) in the United states alone from complications of thei ( Full Answer )

How many people get engaged each day?

According to statistics, 2,000 couples get engaged everyday. Out ofthe 730,000 couples who get engaged in an entire year, only 40percent get married.

How many people die in the US each day of AIDS?

The number of deaths of persons with an AIDS diagnosis has stabilised in recent years at around 17,000-18,000 per year." So that means about 46-49 people die every day (assuming a 365-day year). In related statistics, about 154 people a day in the US are infected (again, assuming a 365-day year), ( Full Answer )

How many people die from pollution each day?

Answer: no one knows exactly how many but normally about 500 to 1000 Answer: Estimates range as high as 40% of the worlds deaths are attributable to pollution. The problem of arriving at a figure is to determine if pollution is directly, indirectly or maginally related to any specific death ( Full Answer )

How many people cross the Mexican border each day?

about 4 million??? . That would be 1,460,000,000 (1.5 billion/yr) . Did you mean 4 million/yr? . I think the actual figure is 3,650,000 (or 10,000/day) . So the correct answer is 3.65 million/yr according to US Govtstatistics. . By the can you stop swine flu from entering the US if10k ( Full Answer )

How many people get a tattoo each day?

This question is impossible to answer but I can shed some light on the situation. I live in a city where there is approximately 20 tattoo parlours and artists. The place I got my tattoos at averages about 25 people a day, but that is considering size and how long the tattoo takes, some can be up to ( Full Answer )

How many people pollute each day about?

You are right about people afraid of losing money. People are trying to have and at the same time save money but it all ends up on the same matter which is pollution. We try to save money but we misuse it.

How many people retire each day?

Starting in 2011, about 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 years old everyday. About 60% of them are expected to retire - that is, about 6,000 per day.

How many people die each day form hunger?

Every 3.8 seconds: 1 person Every minute: 108 people Every DAY: 27,000 Every year: 15 million *How many people die each day FROM (not form!) hunger. Hope it helps! 8-)

How many people die of Malaria each day?

Almost 2000 people die each day in Africa from Malaria, and around 781,000 people die each year from Malaria. one African child dies every thirty seconds

How many people shop at wal-mart each day?

* 84% of Americans have shopped at a Wal-Mart in the past year. * People living in households with incomes of less than $30,000 a year give us our highest marks-proving that those who value Wal-Mart most need Wal-Mart's low prices the most. * 69% of those familiar with Wal-Mart have a fav ( Full Answer )

About how many people die each day?

Approximately 25,000 people die each day of hunger alone. Hundreds of thousands more die of sickness each day.

How many people run each day?

There is not an actual number of how many people run each day.Thousands of people all over the world run as a form of exerciseeach day. Some people run daily and others run a few days a week.

How many people die each day in the Philippines?

Every minute 3 people dies in Philippines. Time for math. In 24 hours theres 1440 minutes now, 3 x 1440=4320. So 4320 people die in Philippines everyday. Terrible... -MS

How many people visit the Burj Khalifa each day?

The tourism figures for the Burj Khalifa are 1.6 to 1.9 millionvisitors per year, which is an average of 4500 to 5200 per day. More than 12000 people occupy the Burj Khalifa every day. There aremore than 3000 residents and several hundred employees.

How many people get cloustrafobia each day?

Around 1-2 people born each day will have Claustrophobia. But depending on preexisting family conditions, like if you parents were claustrophobic, then chances are you are. So the rate can be higher.

How many people convert to Islam each day?

No body knows. Only God know. However it is a fact that many people convert every day to Islam when they recognize Islam authenticity, good Islam morals, and the scientific miracles in Quran that proves Quran is real and true God revelation to prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and not a human aut ( Full Answer )

How many people are murdered in Mexico each day?

During 2012, an approximate of 75 people died of intentional homicide each day. This may seem a lot if you compare it to say, the United States (3 murders per day). But in general terms, Mexico is much safer than say, Brazil (113 murders per day), or India (118 murders/day). These murders however ( Full Answer )

How many thoughts do children have in a day?

I doubt this could be tested with any accuracy. Furthermore, how you do you determine when one thought starts and when another ends? They don't call it a stream of consciousness for nothing.

How many people get bullyied each day?

Surely there cannot be a survey which tells you how many people 'exaclty' get bullied everyday. Im sure, sadly, the numbers are high. And ii encourage any bullies reading this to stop bullying. The victims of bullies can hurt so badly, and if you get bulllied so bad, you can turn suicidal. STOP bull ( Full Answer )

How many people visit Holkham Hall each day?

coz its popaltion and people like it so people go there, so there you go thats the answerand i dont know what is holkham hall is so i dont know.

How do you do an experiment on how many people die each day?

Since the statistical data is already available, on the number of people who die every day (approximately 155,000) there would not seem to be any need to perform an experiment to answer that question. There are, however, many questions relating to the death rate, which could be worthy of experimenta ( Full Answer )

How many people are diagnoued with cancer each day?

are 745,180 men and 692,000 women who will be diagnosed with cancer this year - - and this excludes simple basal and squamous cell skin cancers, so these are all more serious cancers. Men Prostate25% Lung & bronchus15% Colon & rectum10% Urinary bladder7% Non-Hodgkin lymphoma5% Melanom ( Full Answer )

How many people go to the Lincoln Memorial each day?

I don't know the actual number, but probably there is a different number of people each day. Well pretty much all I know is that a lot of people go to see the Lincoln Memorial everyday.