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Jesus peace be upon Him is mentioned 25 times in the holy Quran.

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How many times was jesus mentioned in the quran?

Jesus PBUH is mentioned in the holy Quran literally by name 25 times.

How many times essa name is mentioned in quran?

Essa (Jesus) peace be upon Him is mentioned 25 times in the holy Quran. P.S. Essa is the Arabic name for Jesus PBUH.

How many times is prophet Isa name mentioned in the quran?

The name of the prophet Isa (Jesus) PBUH is mentioned explicitly 25 times in the holy Quran.

Is eshal name is mention in Quran?

No. The word "eshal" is not Arabic at all.

How many times does the Bible mention Jesus?

The King James Version (NKJV) says the name Jesus 1042 times.

Is Jesus life written in the quran?

There is a whole chapter in Quran tilted "Eissa" which is the Arabic name for Jesus and it details his life from birth to his last day on earth

Where did you first hear the name Jesus?

they first mention his name in the book of Matthew

How many times does the book of Romans mention Jesus?

38 times by name in the New King James Version.

Which book in the bible don't mention the name of Jesus Christ for once?

there aren't any books in the Bible that don't mention the name of Jesus Christ, and this is coming from a Christian.AnswerI'm not sure which Bible the previous answerer reads but no books in the Old Testament mention Jesus at all as he wasn't even born then. Some prophesy his coming but none mentions him by name. As an example of a book in the New Testament, the third letter of John does not mention Jesus.

Who are the women that mentioned by name in Quran?

Only the virgin Mary (Mariam), mother of Jesus (peace upon him), is mentioned by name in Quran in many places.There is a chapter (chapter 19) in Quran titled Mariam (Mary).(some commented that Virgin Mariam is called Bibi Mariam. Not sure of the authenticity of this information)-ELO-

How many times has the name of the holy Prophet Muhammad mentioned in the holy quran?

The exact name was mentioned four times, but He was referred to (without mentioning the name) more than that. On the other hand, in Quran also, The name of Jesus (or areference to Him) was mentioned around 4 times more than Prophet Muhammad.

How many times is the name Moses mentioned in the quran?

The name Moses is mentioned in Quran 136 times in 131 verses.

Who began the relidion of Islam?

25 prophets are mention in quran by name there are more than 1 lacs prophets It started with last prophet muhammad(pbuh) and we worship lord(allah) by the teching of quran

How many times Allah's name in Quran?

The name Allah is written 2946 times in the Maulvi Sher Ali translation of the Quran.

Does Islam recognize the prophets of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible?

they do mention Jesus in Arabic Jesus in Arabic is "Isa" though they denie his crucifixion they seemed to have added his name in the quran. they do talk about mohammads mid-night journey were he met all the prophets of the past in detail so yes they do recognize it but they denie it though.

Which prophet is called by his mothers name in the Quran?

Jesus Prophet (Isa Alahis salaam) is mentioned as bin Maryam.

What is the birth name of Quran Pender?

Quran Pender's birth name is Quran Lonn Pender.

Why is Allah's name repeated 2698 times in Quran?

Although I am not sure of this specific number but it is Allah will and wisdom to mention His name in His holy book in any number He decide.

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