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John Steinbeck was married three times:

Carol Henning (1930 - 1943)

Gwyndolyn Conger (1943 - 1948) - two children

Elaine Scott (1950 -1968)

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John Steinbeck was married three times:

Carol Henning (1930 - 1943)

Gwyndolyn Conger (1943 - 1948) - two children

Elaine Scott (1950 -1968)

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Q: How many time time was John Steinbeck married?
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How may time did John Steinbeck get married?

3 times. He got divorced twice and then remarried and they stayed married until Steinbeck's death.

Who was John Steinbecks third wife?

John Steinbeck's third wife was former actress, Elaine Anderson Steinbeck. He was married to her from 1950 until the time of his death in 1968.

How many times did John Steinbeck get married?

He was married three times. First, to Carol Henning between 1930 and 1942. Steinbeck was married to his second wife, Gwyndolyn Conger, between 1943 and 1948, during which time he had two sons, Thomas (born 1944) and John (born 1946). He was married to his third wife Elaine Anderson Scott from 1950 until his death.

How many times was John Hancock married?

John Hancock was married one time.

Why was the pearl by John Steinbeck written?

for fun and waste his time

Did John Steinbeck move to another country?

John Steinbeck and his third wife lived in England for a year. He traveled the world extensively, living in many places for short periods of time with his two sons in tow.

What time and place did John Steinbeck live in?

John Steinbeck was born in 1902 and died in 1968. He lived in areas such as Salinas, California and New York.

How old is John Steinbeck?

John Steinbeck was born on February 27, 1902 and died on December 20, 1968. John Steinbeck would have been 66 years old at the time of death or 113 years old today.

An important event during the time in which The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck is set is?

The depretion

Did John Steinbeck graduate from college?

John Steinbeck did NOT graduate from college because he thought that it was pretentious and a waste of time. he did however GO to college and enjoyed his English and literature classes. hope this helped

What was John Steinbeck's vision of the American dream?

John Steinbeck felt like the American Dream was unnecessary desire. He felt that dreams were a waste of time and that people should concentrate on their personal reality.

Where did John Steinbeck work in the summer?

he worked at various farm houses over the summers.

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