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India never hosted olympic games.

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Q: How many times India hosting Olympic games?
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How many times India got Gold medal in Olympic Hockey games?

7 times i think

Clippings about the olympic games?

the Olympic games have been playing since the greek times and will continue.

How many times have the Olympic Games been held Africa?

The Olympic Games have not been held in Africa.

How many times has the US hosted the summer Olympic games?

The United States has hosted the Summer Olympic games for four times.

How many times India won olympic medals in tennis?

Through the 2008 Games in Beijing, India has won 1 medal in tennis. That was a bronze by Leander Paes in men's singles at the 1996 Games in Atlanta.

How many times were the Olympic games interrupted up to 2007?

I don't know, but the olympic games will be interrupted this year.

How many times did Britain host the Olympic Games?

Three times.

How many times as Germany hosted the Olympic games?

2 times

How many times has russia host the olympic games?

3 times

How many times has Spain hosted the olympic games?

5 times

How many times has Italy hosted the olympic games?

Italy has hosted the Olympic games three times in total. 1956 Winter Olympic Games: Cortina d' Ampezzo - Italy. 1960 Summer Olympic Games: Rome - Italy. 2006 Winter Oly,pic Games: Turin - Italy.

When were the first Olympic games of modern times?


Who has won the olympic games the most times?


How many times the olympic games has been held in Spain?

the olympic games has been held in spain ......... i dont know how many times beut its been

How many times have the Olympic Games been held in Rome?

Rome has hosted the Olympic Games only once. That was in 1960.

How many times has The US hosted the Winter Olympic Games?

4 times

How many times has Korea hosted the Olympic games?


What were the Olympic Games in the ancient times?

A celebration to the god Zeus.

Has the US ever hosted the olympic games?

eight times

Where were Olympic games held in Greece?

Athens in modern times.

How many times has Belgium held the Olympic games?


Who watched the Olympic Games in ancient times?

In ancient times men and single women could watch the games.

How many times has Beijing hosted the Olympic Games?

They have hosted the Games once, in 2008.

How many times has India gone to the commonwealth games?

India has been to fourteen Commonwealth Games.

How many times has Canada host the olympic games?

2 times so far