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there is no way to predict a volcano's eruption times and the closest people could woudl be scientists and they can't predict it yet.

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There is no limit to how many times a volcano can erupt. Some volcanos erupt constantly and some volcanos are inactive.

There is no sure way to tell if and when a volcano is going to erupt.

A volcano can erupt twice or even an infinite number of times. Most volcanoes erupt many times over their lives.

A volcano erupts about 56 times a day

about 99 times a year and i know it

It is known that it erupted about 34 times

As many as it wants. Some volcanoes erupt often, some infrequently

It has erupted 47 times in the last 400 years

in a sign it erupts about 56 times a day

It can explode up to three times or four.

When a volcano is active it will erupt. These volcanoes might take many years to erupt but will still erupt.

Very varied. Some volcanoes erupt almost continuously, others erupt at periods of some hundreds of years.

A volcano can erupt many times. If the pressure from below builds up too much, the volcano will erupt, throwing out very hot gases and lava, until the pressure has been released.

There is no fixed length to an erruption, it varies from volcano to volcano. a volcano can erupt in days or more than its depend on its manner .

Worldwide there are about 50 volcanic eruptions each year.

Mount Everest never erupts. It is not a volcano.

It depends on the volcano. Some volcanoes can erupt very often, while others will only erupt once every hundred years.

There is just about always a volcano erupting somewhere in the world. It is impossible to predict exactly when a given volcano will erupt, especially since many are not closely monitored.

it's gonna have to erupt soon. krakatoa may not have enough magma inside, but it's still possible for it to erupt as many times as it wants.

a volcano can erupt anytime of the day in many countries. theres a volcano errupting right now

No volcanoes will erupt on Jupiter because it is a gas planet. As far as science knows there is no solid ground within the gas of Jupiter, therefore no volcanoes can exist.

There are many scientists who wish they knew. My guess is that very soon Vesuvius will erupt.

A volcano with eruptive potential is called dormant when no eruption occurs for many years.

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