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Earth is about 2 times bigger than Mars. Mars has a diameter of 6,794km and the diameter of Earth is 12,756km. Scientists usually measure the size of planets with diameter, not volume.


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mars is only half the size of earth

It is scientifically proven that Earth is about 6.6 times bigger than Mars.

The earth is 1.88 times larger than Mars, that's almost two times bigger. Mars-3397km Earth-6378.1km

Earth is about 2 times the size of Mars and yet, the surface area of Mars is about the same as the surface area for land here on Earth!!! Hope it helped, Syd=)

Earth is about 1.88 times larger than Mars.

It was a hurricane many times bigger than Earth Does this help?

Mars' diameter is 2.928 times bigger than Pluto's. Mars volume is 25.54 times bigger than Pluto's. Mars' mass is 49.18 times that of Pluto.

Earth is much bigger than Mars

Earth is bigger. Earth is about twice the diameter of Mars and more than 6 times the volume.

earth is 1.88 times bigger than mars so i guess mars is 1.88 times smaller than earth Like so many other things, it depends what you mean. Diameter or volume? Or perhaps you are thinking of "mass". Anyway here's some data : Earth diameter: about 7926 miles Mars diameter : about 4222 miles That makes Earth about 1.88 times bigger, as the previous contributor wrote. But in terms of volume Earth is much bigger, because volume depends on the radius (half the diameter) cubed. So it's not surprising that the Earth's mass is much bigger too. The mass of Mars is only about 11% of the Earth's mass.

No, Earth is bigger them Mars.

Earth is 300 ft. bigger than Mars

earth is bigger than mars

Mars is smaller than earth

Earth is about 1.88 times larger than Mars

Approximately 6.65 Mars will fit into the Earth

yeah earth is way bigger

diameter os earth is how much bigger than mars

Earth is roughly twice the size of Mars.

Mars is smaller than the earth

Earth is roughly twice the size of Mars.

Neptune is bigger than Mars and also the Earth

The Earth's diameter is twice as big as Mars'. Mars also only has ten percent as much mass. So if Earth was a grape, Mars would be about the size of a blueberry. Interestingly, its surface area is about the same as the surface area of dry land on the Earth.

Mars is bigger than Mercury. Mars is almost the same size as the Earth. Mercury is slightly bigger than our Moon.

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