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How many times can a bill collector sell a debt?

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They can legally sell a debt as many times as they want. Sometimes it ends up in two collection offices at the same time.

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Can a debt collector put the same debt on your report more then once?

Many times they do that. You need to get them removed. Send a letter to the bureaus.

How many times can a debt collector call?

A dept collector can call as many times as he wants. First off it is deBt not dePt,and secondly it could be he/she...Most importantly get name and address of collection agency,and send them a,return receipt requested letter,stating you want them to stop.

How many times can a bill collector call you?

Until you pay the bill or file a BK or change your number.

How many times was the debt ceiling raised when Bill Clinton was in office?

Eight times

We had a vehicle repossessed then the company sold the debt to a debt collector from another state will they be able to collect?

They operate the same as if the debt collector was in your state. I would ask for a Debt Validation letter from the new debt collector.Many times when debt is sold the supporting documents are not sold with it. If they cannot produce the original documents you may be in a situation where they cannot sue you and have to remove the deragatory from your credit report.P.S. I am not a lawyer.

Can an out of state debt collector sue you?

Yes, an out of state debt collector can sue you. Many debt collection agencies collect for companies located all over the country.

What is the best debt collection software for my small business?

There are many types of debt collection software out there for businesses. The best software designed specifically for small business is Bill Collector in a Box, visit their website:

How many times per week can collector call?


Can a bank sell your overdraft debt if they never notified you about the debt and your address never changed?

Yes, in many states a bank can sell your overdraft debt to a collector if they never notified you about the debt and your address never changed.

How many times has the debt ceiling been raised since the inception of the debt ceiling?

102 times

Can a collection agency say they are a lawyer?

A 3rd party debt collector can't say that unless they are one. Otherwise they are providing false and misleading information and can be sued for substantial amounts of money. But there are many 3rd party debt collector "Attorney Offices" and if that is the case Yes they can.

How does debt and bill consolidation work?

Debt and bill consolidation works by grouping all of someone's debts or bills into one large debt. The purpose is to help people who are having trouble managing many debts.

What is the lowest that must be paid to a debt collector?

There is no set minimum amount. Many want to receive at least the interest on the principle.

What Does it Take to Be a Debt Collector?

A debt collector goes by many names. Some are called recovery agents while others are known as collection assistants. Whatever their title, their job duties are remarkable similar. They are tasked with collecting outstanding debts from the general public, businesses or corporations.What Does a Debt Collector Job Entail?A debt collector is responsible for managing outstanding debts. Debt collectors can be employed by a variety of businesses. Their primary goal is to get people who owe money to the company to pay up. This can be difficult.A large amount of a debt collector's day is spent on the phone. They call debtors and attempt to arrange repayment schedules. When debtors cannot be found or refuse to pay, a debt collector may need to take more drastic measures. This can include filing a small claims suit against the debtor. Debt collectors can oversee wage garnishments, tax refund offsets or bank account seizures.What Do Debt Collectors Earn?Debt collectors are often paid a wage plus a commission for each account they settle. The starting salary for a debt collector averages $13 an hour. The commission and incentive rates vary from company to company. A highly successful commissioned senior debt collector could make as much as $50 an hour with the commission factored in to the hourly wage.What Qualifications Should a Debt Collector Possess?Qualifications vary widely depending on the type of debt being collected. Most collection companies require employees to have at least a bachelor's degree, generally in business management or finance. As the employee's job responsibilities grow, they are expected to continue their education in order to perform their duties.Because a debt collector often deals with sensitive client information, nearly all debt collection agencies require their employees to pass a background check. Many also insist that workers have fairly good credit.A debt collector needs to have a thick skin in order to succeed in the field. Clients can feel threatened and become verbally abusive when contacted about an outstanding debt. Debt collection is a difficult job, but the pay can be incredibly rewarding for those who succeed.

How many times can a creditor telephone in one day?

By the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, debt collectors may call once per day and either speak to the debtor or leave a simple message. If the debtor requests or gives permission for the collector to call additional times, then more calls are permitted. Anything more is harassment.

How many times does bill nye say bill?

28 times

How many times was the debt ceiling raised under reagen?

The National Debt Ceiling was raised 18 times while Reagan was president.

Was Michael Jackson ever in debt?

yes,many times and he still died while having debt

How many pages does The Collector Collector have?

The Collector Collector has 224 pages.

Can a collection agency collect on a debt that is past the statute of limitations?

There is a federal law entitled the FDCPA. Any time you have a collection question you should search for the answer there first. An agency can attempt to collect the debt that is out of statute but they have no way of legally enforcing payment. Many times a person will pay an outstanding bill when its out of statute because they are not aware there are statutes of limitations. Sometimes a bill collection company will not even know that the statute tolled on the debt. Many times the client does not give the agency proper information purposely or by accident.....

How many times was Bill Bixby married?

Bill Bixby was married three times.

Can a credit debt be collected after 7 years?

Excellent question! The answer is YES! A debt can only be reported for seven years on your credit report, and then, by law, it must fall off your report. But this has nothing to do with the viability of the debt, which remains collectible, theoretically forever. However, once the debt passes the state statute of limitations, the collector may no longer sue to collect the debt. At this point, many collectors will write off the debt, and issue the debtor a 1099 form for the debt as income. Recent changes to the IRS tax laws make this more likely to occur. Once this happens, the debt is null and void, as it has been forgiven by the collector.

How many times has President Obama raised the debt ceiling?


How many times has Obama raised the national debt ceiling?

The President cannot raise the debt ceiling. Only Congress can do that.

Can debt collectors collect on a debt after it has been charged off?

AnswerThe term "charge off" indicates the original creditor has removed the debt from their balance sheet as uncollectible from the borrower. This is misleading however, as the debt may remain it must be validated according to the FDCPA should it come back in some other type of collection activity and subject to collection by means of an agency working for the OC or a third party that purchases the account. Also be aware that there are times that the debt is also used as a tax loss by a creditor then cannot be collected at a later time as the collector would then obtain unjust enrichment by obtaining two bites from the same apple. To determine this would require due inquiry by a process to validate and verify the debt. Remember no debt is not to be deemed valid unless validated and verified. It is surprising how many debt collectors do not have the original documentation that can actually be used in a court of law for collection purposes. Many of the debts must be wiped off your credit report if it cannot be lawfully validated and verified. If the debt cannot not verified and validated by the debt collector and the collector continues collection activity you may have grounds to sue the creditor and possibly the credit reporting agency pursuant to the Fair debt Collection Practices Act.