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How many times can a landlord raise your rent in one year if the renter pays month to month?

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I would think 12 times, because the lease renews month to month, that is what month to month refers to. It doesn't mean how often renters pay, that is always every month. It is a 30 day lease. They can't raise rent without 30 days notification, so they could raise it every month until you punch a hole in the wall and then they could arrest you. Although that's true, there's also a reasonable rent increase statute within NJ. Therefore, legally, the landlord couldn't just keep raising your rent every month. However, you're better off seeking a landlord that will extend to you a six-month or a 12 month lease and put a clause in the lease for a maximum rent increase for a renewal. I don't think this is correct as most states have a guideline percentage that you may raise the rent per year. Many states may have guidelines by which the landlord may raise the rent, but many states don't. As mentioned the landlord must give notice of one rental period before the next rent is due (some landlords charge by the week, something I would be very leery about). So if your rent is due every month then the landlord must give notice of at least one month before the next rent is due. If you're going to rent, lease up: try not to get into a month-to-month situation if you can help it. It should be noted that any terms and conditions of a month-to-month "lease" is only enforceable to the extent that if you pay your rent you get to live there another month, unless you signed an agreement to other terms and conditions, barring unconscionability, that are written on the agreement.

2009-08-13 01:11:46
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You live alone your boyfriend stays with you a few times a week can your landlord raise the rent?

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