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They can marry women 4 times

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How many times a Muslim person can marry?

A Muslim person, only the man can marry 7 times and no more No this answer is wrong. A Muslim man can marry as many times as he want. However, he can't keep more than 4 wives at one time.

What do Muslims think of their religion?

I'm not a Muslim, but I did study the Muslim religion for an amount of time. From what I've learned, Muslims take their religion very seriously. They have strict rules about their religion. They pray many times a day. So yes, to a real Muslim, religion is very serious.

How many daily prayer times are there for those of the Muslim religion?

Muslim individuals are highly religious. As part of one's day, a Muslim will pray at least five times a day. Muslim's are also known to observe Muslim holidays religiously.

Can a non religious woman marry a Muslim man?

I shall put it the other way round, because Muslim man if he does pray five times a day fasts in Ramadan pay Zakyat, he cant marry non religious woman or she should turn Muslim

How many times can a Muslim man marry in Turkey?

According to Islam, he can many times as he likes but he can have only four wives at a time. However, Turkey has a number of secular laws, including a prohibition on polygamy of any form (regardless of whether the Turkish citizen is Muslim or not). As a result, a Muslim in Turkey must divorce his first wife if he wishes to marry a second.

How many times can a Muslim man marry?

Muslim men can have 4wives at a time. Conditions to be follow are; 1- Suppose he has a wife if he is willing to marry second time then the first wife permission is necessary and so on. 2- If he has 4 wives then he can not marry more. 3- If one of the 4 wives is dead or divorced then he can marry one more time.

Where did the religion Islam originate?

Muslims believe that Islam has been present since the times of Adam. The non Muslim society believes that the religion originated in Mecca.

Religion in Egypt what role does religion in Egypt play in peoples everyday lives?

In modern times most of the country are Muslim and follow Islamic everyday lives

What was the most popular religion of Persia?

It really depends on the era. In modern times, likely Islam, but before Islam came around it was probably a polytheistic religion. they were Muslim

How many time does a Muslim pary?

A Muslim who is following their religion will pray 5 times per day. Their prayer routine is called Salaat and it observed every day beginning at dawn.

Can a Muslim man marry a Muslim woman without family's permission?

Yes. The only requirements are that the woman says yes 3 times to make sure she is not being forced, and there are witnesses. It is preferable not to, though.

Can a man who is already married marry another women who he kissed a couple of times before he even married her in the religion Islam?

Per Islam religion, yes he can on the following conditions:the woman should be Muslim, Christian, or JewishAcceptance of her first wife. Otherwise she has the right to seek divorcenot violating the country local laws where he is resident and to which he and she have the nationality.

Salah is the practice of prayer in what religion?

Salah is the practise of formal prayer in the Islamic religion. One will be considered a sinner in the Islamic religion for not praying five times a day. There are variations amongst the Muslim community in how they practise Salah.

How many times does a good Muslim pray?

A good Muslim prays five times a day. The times change depending on where you live. How would i know that? I am a Muslim!

What is a Muslim expected to do five times a day?

A muslim is supposed to pray 5 times a day.

How many times does a Muslim walk round the kabah?

A Muslim walks round the kabah seven times

Does the state of Florida allow a woman to marry the same man for the fourth time?

Yes. She can marry the same man as many times as she wants.Yes. She can marry the same man as many times as she wants.Yes. She can marry the same man as many times as she wants.Yes. She can marry the same man as many times as she wants.

Is Barack Obama a practicing Muslim?

No he is not a Muslim He is listed as member of the United Church of Christ if Obama was a Muslim congress would not be able to treat him any diffrent so when the press tries do dig any farther its all pointless all it does is give people false pretense tht he is a Muslim extremist Another answer- Obama's father(s) were Muslim. Under Islamic law he was born a Muslim. He now has stated many times his religion is Christianity. Were he to have stated Islam to be his religion from the beginning... he would not have been elected President. Despite his claims, the US is a Christian nation...

Did Adolph Hitler marry 2 times?

no not at all.who will marry him?You

Why do Muslim are allowed to practice polygamy?

The reason some Muslims practice polygamy is because many women who are poor, and without husband need the protection and support. Some Muslim men who own businesses who can afford to support a second wife or third do have multiple wives. In the ancient Islamic times when there was war and many women were left without husbands the men use to bring the women and marry them. Now, in days it is very hard in these economic times to have a second wife, but if the Muslim man can afford to have a second wife he can marry her with asking of the first wife. The Muslim man has to pay the maintence of all wives rent, electric, buy her a car and also all expense's are met, if he cannot meet this then the man cannot marry the second wife.

Are there 9 prayer times for a Muslim?

a Muslim must pray five times a day. Praying more is a very good thing and adds to his good deeds ...yes five times praying is must

How many times can you marry in Texas?

You can marry as many times as you wish as long as you get divorced between each marriage.

How many times can a Catholic get married?

As many times as the Catholic is free to marry someone who is also free to marry

Is lady Diana Muslim?

yes she did become a Muslim because i said that several times.

Can a Christian marry a Muslim?

A Muslim man can marry Christain women but, Muslim women cannot marry Christian man.The Bible forbids any Christian from marrying anyone who is not a Christian, in such verses as:2 Corinthians 6:14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?The Bible also notes (truthfully) you will have much trouble in your marriage, especially if a Christian woman marries a Muslim man.Yes, but if the Muslim is male and the Christian is female, then the Christian has to become a Muslim in order to marry them.I'm not sure what happens if it's the other way around. But most times if the Muslim is a female, her father doesn't let her marry outside of her religion...It all depends on the people anyhow.

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