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It depends on what kind of hay it is, whether it is alfalfa, clover, or some kind of grass. In most of the US, most hay fields are usually harvested three to five times per year for a period of three to 20 years, depending on the farmer's choice. Five to eight years is more typical, though, so a good average for most hay would be around 30 times.

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Q: How many times can hay be harvested?
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Hay should be harvested when?

in January

Do cows eat a plant as hay?

Not exactly. The plant has to be cut and harvested (along with many other plants of its kind) as hay before it is eaten by cattle as hay. If the plant itself is eaten by a cow and not cut and gathered, it is merely considered fodder or pasture forage, not hay.

What is the difference between straw and hay?

Hay is dried grass or legumes (like alfalfa). Straw is the dried stalks of harvested cereals, such as wheat, barley, and oats.

How much protein is in sage grass hay?

Sage grass hay typically contains around 6-10% protein, but this can vary depending on factors like maturity of the grass and the specific growing conditions. It is important to have the hay analyzed for accurate protein content if it is a crucial component of an animal's diet.

What is oat hay?

The dried stems and leaves of the oat plant after the oats have been harvested, to use as bedding or feed for livestock.

How much dry matter is in hay?

Hay typically contains around 85-90% dry matter, with the remaining 10-15% being moisture. The dry matter content can vary depending on factors such as the type of hay, weather conditions during harvesting, and storage methods.

Have seahorse commercially harvested?

Seahorses are not harvested commercially. They are, however, important food in the chain for many of the commercially harvested fish.

What is the term given to the second crop of hay harvested in one season?

The second cut, or cutting. In New England, the second crop is called a rowen.

How many times a year does cotton yield?

an average of 17.0 million bales, harvested between July-November, each year.

Is hay a fungible good?

No. Hay is made of not just one type of grass or legume or grass-legume combination, but rather many possibilities of grass and legume cultivars and varieties and even more possible combinations of the variety of species, varieties and cultivars of grasses and/or legumes that are used in the production of hay. Quality also differs wildly in hay depending on growing conditions, when it was cut, when it was harvested, how it was stored, etc. If you sold your neighbor your hay and you got hay back from your neighbor, the hay you got from your neighbor, no matter if it's the same hay or not, will not be in the same condition, same forage combination, same shape as the hay you gave your own neighbor. Also the hay produced one year on your farm is never the same as the hay produced last year or the year before.

What is hay in Spanish?

Hay means there is/ there are. In the example "Cuantas camisetas hay?" Means "How many shirts are there?"

How many pages does Antic Hay have?

Antic Hay has 328 pages.