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Once, you can only be successful at suicide once. She may have attempted it more than once, but only got it right once.

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How many times did Adolf Hitler commit suicide?

He committed suicide once.

How many times has eminem tried to commit suicide?


How many times did Lady Diana try to commit suicide?

5 times

In all of his plays how many times do Shakespearean actors commit suicide?

There are about nine onstage suicides. About six more commit suicide offstage.

How many times did Adolf Hitler try to commit suicide?

Exactly 42 times.

How many people a year in the UK comit suicide?

In the UK about 6,000 people commit suicide per year. Men commit suicide at rates of more that three times that of women.

How many times did Robert schumann try to commit suicide?

Once in February 1854.

How many children commit suicide in a week?

1000,000 children in the world commit suicide in a week

How many people commit suicide every year?

About 10,000,000 people commit suicide every year.

How many people decide to commit suicide after seeing their parents die?

Too many. This is especially common in the children of parents who commit suicide. The children may not commit suicide for many years but there is a definite increase in the risk.

How many minutes a day does someone commit suicide?

They only commit suicide once in a lifetime. Thats all they get.

How many people commit suicide over online bullying?

42% of teenagers commit suicide over internet bullying

How many teens commit suicide?

a lot

How many kids percentage commit suicide because of being bulled?

10 percent will commit suicide as a result to being bullied

How many times did Sylvia Plath attempt to commit suicide?

Only one that I am aware of. By placing her head in an oven.

How many kids commit suicide from being bullied?

Suicide is the leading cause of death in children 14 and under. About 8% of all teens bullied try to commit suicide.

How many kids commit suicide because of bullying in the UK?

about 300 children aged 8-16 commit suicide every year.

How many people commit suicide a year?


How many people commit suicide a day?

about 2,000

How many people commit suicide in a day?


How many kids commit suicide because of bullying in the US?

Not many children commit suicide because they usually tell their parents or teachers first. But if it gets very bad, about 3% of children might commit suicide because of it. Mostly if it involves threats or murders.

How many kids commit suicide each year from bullying?

About 13 million children from ages 6-17 commit suicide each year.

Do Muslims go to heaven if they commit suicide because of depression?

No, suicide is completely forbidden to Muslims and they shall not get to heaven no matter why they commit suicide. This is found in many places in both Qu'ran and Hadith.

How many students commit suicide because of bullying?

There are many people who commit suicide due to bullying. They can't take all the mental and physical pain that they are going through. In fact one of my friends from school have tryed to commit suicide by hanging herself. Just don't bully.

How many people commit suicide due to depression?