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If they are dairy sheep - they are usually milked twice a day.

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Q: How many times do you milk sheep?
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How much should baby sheep drink milk a day?

sheep's milk.

Is goat milk the same as sheep milk?

No. A goat is not a sheep. A sheep is not a goat.

Can a sheep produce milk for cheese?

Sheep's milk can be made into cheese ... in fact, since it's got a higher fat content than cow's milk does, most sheep's milk is used for cultured dairy products (e.g. cheese and yoghurt).Probably the most familiar (to people in the US) cheeses traditionally made specifically from sheep's milk are feta and ricotta.

How many times is sheep written in the Bible?

Sheep appears 189 times in the Bible.

Does dolly sheep give out milk?

no the dolly sheep never give us milk

When can you milk sheep?

You sure can! Some of the world's best cheeses are made from sheep's milk

Does so ya milk come from sheep?

No soya milk does not come from sheep. It is made from soya beans

Does a sheep give milk to his baby?

No a ram cannot produce milk but a female sheep as in a ewe does give milk to her baby.

Can you milk a sheep that is not classified as a dairy sheep?

1) there is no such thing as a 'dairy sheep' 2) you can milk all sheep otherwise baby sheep would die think about what ur asking

Is butter made from sheep?

Butter is usually made from cows milk, rarely from sheep's milk.

What is unsalted sheep's milk cheese?

Mizithra is an unsalted Greek cheese that is made from sheep or goat's milk. Ricotta is an unsalted soft white Italian cheese made from sheep's milk.

Manchego cheese is made from milk of?

Sheep milk from Manchega sheep in the province of La Mancha, Spain.