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In bikes it's more common to count teeth rather than sprocket diameters. But if the smaller wheel is half the size it'll turn twice as many times.

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Q: How many times does a small gear of 10cm in diameter turns if a big gear of 20cm in diameter turns once in a bicycle?
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Charmaine races her bicycle for 333ft A wheel of her bicycle turns 37 times as the bicycle travels this distance What is the diameter of the wheel?

Need to find:Distance wheel travels in 1 turn = circumference of wheelcircumference = π × diameter → diameter = circumference ÷ π333 ft ÷ 37 turns = 333/37 ft/turndiameter = 333/37 ft ÷ π ≈ 2.86 ft

The diameter of Sheree's bicycle wheel is 0.705 m Calculate how many turns the bicycle wheel will make if she rides the bicycle 1km?

The circumference of the wheel is Pi multiplied by the diameter (0.705). Divide 1000 meters (1km) by that answer - and you'll have your solution !

How far will a 26 inch diameter bicycle tire travel each time it turns?

81.7 inches

The diameter of a bicycle wheel is 60 cm How far will the bicycle in 150 turns of the wheel?

11" Diameter x 3.145159 = 34.5575" Circumference 34.5575" Circum x 150 Revs = 5,183.6278" or 431.9689'

Toms red bicycle travels 50 ft for every 3 pedal turns how many pedal turns are needed to travel a mile (5,28ft)?

You would need 317 pedal turns are needed to travel a mile on a bicycle.

What is the diameter of a car tire that turns 180 times in 1320 feet?

circumference = diameter × π → diameter = circumference ÷ π Circumference of tyre = distance/rotations = 1320 ft / 180 = 7 1/3 ft → diameter = 7 1/3 ft ÷ π ≈ 2.33 ft

A wheel on a bike turns 1320 times during a one mile trip What is the diameter of the wheel?

5280 feet/1320 turn = 4 foot circumference 4 foot cirumference/ (pi) = 1.273foot diameter

How many turns must a wheel of a diameter of 0.5 make to travel 100m?

31 turns

How many turns would the smallest bicycle with tire diameter 0.76 inches have to make to go the same distance?

First you have to know the distance you wish to travel. Then you simply calculate the circumfrance of the tire. (2pie*radius) which would give you around 4.77 inches. Divide the distance you want to go by 4.77 and you get the proper amount of turns.

Can you convert rotational motion of a bicycle wheel into electrical energy?

Yes, it is possible to convert the rotational motion of a bicycle wheel into electrical energy using a device called a dynamo. A dynamo is a small generator that contains magnets and a coil of wire. When the bicycle wheel turns, it spins the dynamo, generating electricity that can be used to power lights or charge batteries.

What is a bicycle odometer?

A bicycle odometer was once a mechanical instrument that counts the number of turns of the wheels, and shows the total distance travelled. Nowadays, a bicycle computer does the same thing, but digitally, and showing more than simply distance travelled.

What is Stiffness of a helical spring?

a helical spring has N turns of coil of diameter D, and a second spring made of same material and of same wire diameter has N/2 turns of coil of diameter 2D. if stiffness of first spring is k, then stiffness of second spring is