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Q: How many times does god say he loves us in the bible?
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How many times does it mention in the bible God loves you?

In the King James version the phrase - God loves you - does not appear at all.

How times God loves you came in the bible?

In the King James version The phrase God loves you is not used

How many times is the fear of god mentioned in the bible?

'the fear of God' is mentioned 84 times in the Bible. 'fear of God' is mentioned 86 times in the Bible. 'fear the Lord' is mentioned 186 times in the Bible. 'fear God' is mentioned 134 times in the Bible. Total - 490

How many times my god appeared in bible?

'God' appears in the Bible 3995 times in the New International Version (NIV).

How many times is God is a jealous mentioned in the bible?

The phrase "jealous God" appears six times in the KJV bible.

What has the author Susan Elizabeth Beck written?

Susan Elizabeth Beck has written: 'God Loves Me Bible (Girls)' 'God loves me Bible' -- subject(s): Bible, Bible stories, Biography, English Bible stories, God, Juvenile literature, Love, God (Christianity)

Is it creepy to say i love you to god?

No! Throughout the Bible it says many times how much God loves us, and it also mentions his followers saying how much they loved him. In fact, Peter told Jesus he loved him three times.

How many times do the words 'and God' appear in the Bible?

The words "and God" appear 52 times in the New International Version of the Bible.

How many times is God's Will mentioned in the bible?

The phrase "God's will" is in the King James Version of the Bible 52 times. It is in 52 verses.

How many times do it say in the bible but god?

The phrase "but God" appears in 44 verses of the KJV bible.

How many times is trusted by God in the Bible?

The phrase "trusted by God" does not appear anywhere in the KJV bible.

How many times is I am the Lord What if your God written in the Bible?

308 times