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American cancer Survivor Lance Armstrong set a record when he won 7 Tours de France, from 1999-2005.

He has now been stripped of his titles and the record, due to the compelling evidence and his eventual confession to the systematic use of illegal performance enhancing drugs.

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Lance Armstrong has ridden in the Tour 9 times.

he won tour de France 7 times

Lance Armstrong rode his first Tour de France in 1993.

Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France seven consecutive times, but his titles were stripped because he was doping.

Armstrong won his 6th tour in 2004.

Lance Armstrong never crashed out of the 2010 Tour. While he did have multiple crashes, he completed the Tour.

Yes he likes Tour of France m he has won it seven times , and returned itto it from retirement.

In 1999, Lance Armstrong won his first Tour de France. The final leg was from Arpajon to Paris on July 25th.The Tour de France concludes in Paris, France. It is here on the Champs-Elysees that Armstrong was awarded his first win in the Tour de FranceIn France. Paris to be exact

Armstrong won his first TdF in 1999, in France - as the Tour always finish in France.

Lance Armstrong holds the record for most Tour De France victories; he has won the prestigious event seven times.

Lance Armstrong is a professional cyclist from America. He won the Tour de France multiple times. He had to forfeit some of his titles due to accusations of performance enhancing drugs.

After having cancer, Lance Armstrong won seven Tour de France titles.He has since been stripped of all seven wins, due to taking performance enhancing drugs while competing.

no, he was in the tour de france, but dropped out in the fifth stage

The Tour de France. Lance Armstrong won it 7 times, the most ever.

He currently runs marathons, but he is in the Tour De France now

Not for the last years, byt earlier, sure.

Lance Armstrong from USA won the race

Yes, but all seven of his Tour de France titles have been vacated.

Yes, Lance will be in tip-top shape for this years race.

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