How many times has mount fuji erupted and in what years did it erupt?

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63 times and in 781AD was its first eruption and in 1707 was its last
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Why did Mount Fuji erupt?

most people think that mount fuji errupted because there was an 8.9 earthquake about 2 months before the explotion so that may hav triggered it. now we had another earthquake in japan and sparks are coming out :0

How many times has Mount Krakatoa erupted?

There were several eruptions that were documented. Though the most famous and destructive was in 1883, when it blew itself to pieces. Worth noting is that there is currently a new volcano forming inside/ontop of it, called Anak Krakatau (" Child of Krakatoa "), which is currently very active, growin ( Full Answer )

How long did mount fuji volcano erupt for?


How many times did Mt Fuji erupt?

At least 16 times since 781 AD. most of them were moderate. 2 of them were large eruptions. Most recent eruption is between 1707-1708

What years did Mount Fuji erupt?

The notorious last eruption of Mt. Fuji began with a huge earthquake on November 11, 1707. For miles around the epicenter, Japanese people felt the effects of this earthquake, particularly in the city of Osaka. People knew that Mt. Fuji could be expected to blow at any time, but the explosion was no ( Full Answer )

When did mount fuji first erupt?

The first recorded eruption of Mt Fuji was in 781 CE. Earlier eruptions must have occurred to build up the cone, but there is no record.

How many people died in the eruption of Mount Fuji?

There is Mt. Fuji in Japan (last eruption in 1707) Many people died, but because of starvation. There was absolutely no lava, and everything was just because of the air, steam, that came out. There were even many many houses and monuments that were destroyed. The eruption ended on Feb, 24, 1708.

How many times has Mount Etna erupted?

We know that Mount Etna has erupted over 200 times historically,but we aren't sure of the exact number since the history goes backa long time. The first written record we have is from 425 BC. Wehave a lot better record of eruptions since 1950: 1950: summit 1950-51: flank 1955: summit 1956: summit 1 ( Full Answer )

How many times did mount kilauea erupt?

There are 95 Confirmed and dated eruptions during Holocene times for Kilauea. The most recent being the current eruption that began in January of 1983, all the way back to the first dated eruption layer at approximately 4650 BCE. The eruption list which is available through the Smithsonian Institute ( Full Answer )

When did mount fuji erupted?

Mount Fuji has erupted many times but the last time it erupted was in 1707-08. And some extra information is that Mount Fuji is a dormant volcano and has erupted 16-17 times.

What happened when Mount Fuji erupted?

Lava spilled out violently and smoke was released. Like any other volcano eruptions, land is made fertile while property and lives may have perished.

How many times has Mount Pinatubo erupted?

It's difficult to predict eruptions as records are not aways kept, or accurate. Mount Pinatubo is believed to have first erupted 17,000 years ago with successive eruptions throughout the years. Major eruptions have been identified at 9,000, 6,000, 5,000, 3,900, 2,300 and 450 years ago. Ther ( Full Answer )

Can mount fuji still erupt?

Mount Fuji probaly can still erupt. It is dormat now, but scientists consider it active. It is not considered extinct and won't be if it sleeps for another 100s of years.

What caused the eruption of Mount Fuji?

The Pacific plate and the Asian plate crushing into each other forming A fault and weakness which allowed the Magma to rise up...through a millenia the Fuji Volcano has erupted many times as a reaction from these friction of plates

When mount fuji erupted in 1705 what did it ruin?

(I think you mean the 1707 eruption) Mount. Fuji erupted. It didn't spew any lava but did destroy 2 million homes from a series of earthquakes. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

How many times has mount teide erupted?

Mount Teide is considered to be an active volcano. The last timeMount Teide erupted was in 1909 and is the tallest active volcanoin Spain. The volcano erupted many times in the past and remains athreat to the Canary Islands.

How many times does a valcanoe erupt in a year?

it depends if you are in a place such as Hawaii or Bahamas or something like that, but they don't erupt if your in a place out of valcanoe range so there you have it :D :)>

When was mount fujis last eruption?

Mt. Fuji's last recorded eruption took place in late 1707. Recent tremors have given rise to speculation that it might again erupt in the near future.

Type of eruption does mount fuji have?

pyroclastic flow, but now the volcano is dormant. There is said that when it erupted in 258 B.C. that it was so intense that Tokyo (which is 60 miles away from the volcano) got covered in 6 inches of ash.

How many times did Mount Shsta erupt?

The last time it erupted was in 1923 and you can still see the damage from that in Shasta. Not sure of the total number of eruptions.

How many times has Mount Erebus had an eruption?

Mount Erebus has been observed by scientists to be continuously active since 1972. Early explorers observed it being continuously active between 1899 and 1922, the age of heroic polar exploration. You can read more about its persistent eruption patterns, below. Yes.

How many times has Mount Vesuvious erupted?

The massive eruption of 79 AD is the only one of which we have a description. There were a number of important prehistoric eruptions, and there seem to have been some minor historic eruptions in which people witnessed fire spouting from the area near the summit of the mountain, but we do not have go ( Full Answer )

How times has mount Fuji erupt?

Fuji has erupted at least 16 times since 781 AD. Most of these eruptions were moderate to moderate-large in size. The most recent eruption was in 1707-1708 from a vent on the southeast side of the cone. The eruption ejected 0.8 cubic km of ash, blocks, and bombs. Five historic eruptions have caused ( Full Answer )

How many times has mount erebus erupted?

Since some eruptions have not been observed by mankind, there is nonumber available. It is clear, however, that it has constantlyerupted since people have been there to observe it -- from 1899onwards, with a few gaps when no people were in the vicinity.

When and what date did mount fuji last erupt?

The last time Mt Fuji erupted was in 1707 A.D. It was one of the most powerful eruptions. It began in mid December and continued for weeks together. It lasted till January and etimates showed that over 700 million cubic ft of ash were spread a hundred kilometers away. Paces that were affected includ ( Full Answer )

How does fuji erupt?

It is not currently an active volcano, Mt Fuji's last eruption was some 300 years ago.

How many times has mount fuego erupted?

A lot! So many times that I can't even count it. It is ongoing. It's full name, Volcan de Fuego means volcano of fire. This name fits because it is very active and explosive. It has had more than 60 historic eruptions. It is located in Guatemala. This country is on North America. I sure hope this he ( Full Answer )

What time did mt fuji erupt?

The Hōei Eruption of Mount Fuji started on December 16, 1707 andended about January 1, 1708 during the Edo period

What type of lava is erupted from mount fuji?

Mount Fuji is the archetype of the stratovolcano and probablyrivals Vesuvius for the best-know volcano. The volcano rises about3,500 m above the surrounding plain. Fuji has erupted at least 16times since 781 AD. Most of these eruptions were moderate tomoderate-large in size.

How much damage did last eruption of mount fuji do?

The last eruption of Mt. Fuji was in 1707-1708. The eruption released cinder, ash, "bombs", and mud but strangely no lava. The eruption destroyed 72 homes and 2 temples but there were oddly no fatalities due to the eruption.

How many times a year does mount vesuvius erupt?

Vesuvius does not erupt every year. It has sporadic activity. Itwill erupt and then go quite for a few decades or a few centuries.Its last eruption was in 1944.