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Q: How many times has there been an eclipse in the past 10 years?
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How many years is it for an eclipse?

Every three years

How many times do you have total solar eclipse?

558 all sollar eclipse ..

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How many years apart are the lunar and the solar eclipse?

4.1 Solar eclipse; 4.2 Lunar eclipse

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How many years in between each eclipse?

ever 12 years

The 2009 solar eclipse appeared after how many years?

150 years

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How many years does it take to have solar eclipse?


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How many years till another lunar eclipse?

Well if its a lunar eclipse with a full moon on a solctice then it is 84 years. I dont know about a reagular lunar eclipse though.

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How many years it take for an eclipse to happen?

120 years by somebody in corldey thx

Has there ever been a solar eclipse?

Yes, there have been many solar eclipses.

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Once a year I think

How many times does the eclipse of the sun occur?

about 5 times a year, during the new moons