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It depends on which version you have.

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Q: How many times in the bibles does it say And God remembered?
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How many times does the words they will be your people and you will be their God appear in the Bible?

That phrase does not appear anywhere in KJV or NIV bibles.

Why is Jesus remembered?

He is remembered as the son of God.

How was Zeus was remembered?

he was remembered as a greek god

What is thoth remembered for?

The ancinet Egyptian god Thoth is remembered for being a god of knowledge, secrets, writing, and scribes.

Why is Cupid remembered?

Because he was the god of love. He is particularly remembered in the story about Cupid and Psyche.

Where does it say on Thursday god made flying creatures and insects?

in one of his bibles

What was the virgin mother Mary remembered for?

She is best remembered for being the mother of Jesus - the Son of God.

How many times is God mentioned in the book of Romans?

number of times God is mentioned in Romans

How can you know if the Bible is true?

You know the Bibles true, because it's God's Word.

What scripture in the bibles says with God all things are possible?

Matthew 19:26

What is the singular possessive of bible?

Bible's. For example, "The Bible's opening verse is God's creation of the universe."(The plural would be "Bibles'." For example, "We bought ten Bibles. The Bibles' binding was of fine leather.")

How many times does it say you are the lord thy God?

This is a question that can not be answered here, because you are probably referring to a Bible. There are many different versions of the Bible, not just one - so it depends on the kind of Bible you have. Remember, all Bibles are translations - The people who wrote the passages in the Bible did not speak English!