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Alot of time when his anger got out of controlled

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Q: How many times will naruto transform into the fox?
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Can Naruto transform in Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3?

one-tail fox

How do you unlock fox Naruto?

you dont. you transform him by using special back

How come a nine tailed fox can transform into a girl?

Its not the tailed fox who does that, its naruto... its like a substitution jutsu

Does Sakura ever meet the nine tailed fox?

Not really, she has just seen Naruto partly transform into the fox

In naruto how big is the nine tailed fox demon?

1000 times larger than naruto as a kid

Now that naruto has the key to 9 tails can he turn into the kybii?

Once Naruto goes in the ninth stage, the fox will be released from the seal placed on Naruto by the Fourth Hokage. In the manga, you could see the fox trying to "convince" Naruto to open the seal for him. Naruto's father stops him from doing so.

How many junchuriki does Naruto has?

Naruto only has ONE junhuriki. He has the Nine tailed fox.

How many tails of Demon Fox NAruto?


How do you get 4 tailed fox Naruto in Naruto legends akatsuki rising?

You don't. You can't. You can get Naruto with 1 tailed fox and Naruto with 9 tailed fox. But that is it. :)

Why did the nine taled fox pick Naruto?

when naruto was a baby the nine taled fox went inside naruto because the nine taled fox could hide in naruto because naruto was a only child

How many of the tailed beasts in Naruto are gone?

all but 1 (8) all but naruto nine tailed fox.

How do you transform to fox mode with Naruto in Super Smash Flash 2?

Press whatever you have set as the special button (The one that would normally start to charge up his Rasengan)