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Nearly 1000 this makes up 1/4 of the mammals in the world

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How many fingerprints are there?

There are 8 tipes of fingerprints

How many tipes of sports are there?

3 or 4

How many types of laptops are there?

how many tipes are the laptops the world

How many tipes of octopus are in the world?

about 7 to 10

How many different tipes of Religions are in Kalimantan?

a lot

How Many Types of Crocodilians are there?

there are 22 different tipes of crocodilians

How many types of cushions are there?

there are sevan different tipes of cotton

How many different tipes of quilting patrns are there?

As many as your imagination can come up with. Limitless.

How many different tipes of animals come from north America?


How many tipes of sharks are there?

there are lots and lots of sharks there are still sharks that are unknown

How many tipes of tornado are there?

There are six tipes of tornadoes.The F-0 and F-1 are very weak.The F-2 and F-3 are strong.The F-4 is stronger and F-5 is the strongest.

What tipes of food do they have Germany?


What tipes of jewelry are megnetic?


Tipes of plants?

mono continuous plantd

What are the two tipes of rainforest?

Tropical and Temperate

What are the three tipes of pulsars?

find it out your self

Market forms of pasta?

200 tipes of it

How many tipes of tigers are there in the world?

Six subspecies: Bengal, Siberian, Sumatran, Indo Chinese, Malayan, South China.

What tipes of fish do codfish eat?

small squid

Did the Cherokee live in types?

Yes, they did live in tipes.

What tipes of crabs are there?

There are over 4,400 varieties of crabs.

Are all bunnies white?

No, I have a Black rabbit, their are so many tipes of bunny colors, Purple, Black,White,Carmel and Brown, but, theirs many more!

How many tipes of dogs are there?

there are a endless amount of dog because know dog is just 1 breed every dog is different

Can a tomato frog eat tomatos?

yes they can eat tomatos but they can also eat mice,many tipes of bugs,even snakes!!!!

How many different tipes of bush babys are there?

There are at least 19 species of bush baby (or galago) spread across 3 genera.