How many top charts has professor green got?

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Has Professor Green got a girlfriend?


Did professor green have his lucky tattoo before he got stabbed?

The tattoo was done weeks before the stabbing.

What does professor green tattoos mean?

the one on is neck says lucky because he got stabbed there and survived.

How many Green Day no1s are there?

The albums 'American Idiot' and '21st Century Breakdown' got to number 1 in both the US and UK. 'Dookie' was number one in some countires, but not the US or UK. 'Insomniac' was also number 1 in Finland. The Green Day singles were not number one in the main charts, but some were in charts like US Modern Rock etc.

How many weeks did black eyed peas I've got to feeling stay in the charts for?

It's still on some charts. But on some I'd say it was about 5 or 4. From :)

What jacket has professor green got on in monster video?

he has a nike varsity edition jacket on in that video.. dont think you can get it yet though !

Why did professor green get stabbed?

Professor Green got stabbed in the neck probably because he rapped and a 26 year old man,took it serious because everyone thought that Professor Green was a better rapper than him so he smashed a bottle and made it sharp and pointy and sliced his neck fortunatley Professor green was still a surviver and was able to live but doubt that he couldn't breath.Professor Greens real name is Stephen Paul Manderson he got stabbed in the neck in 2009 in a night club and a man decided to slice his neck because he could rap better probably so the 26 discusting old man got sent to jail BY LILI BAIDOE JONES.

How many weeks was I got to Feeling by the Black eyed Peas at number 1 in the charts?

14 weeks in all uk charts and most in u.s, some for only 13 weeks

How many syllable has the word green got?

The word green only has one syllable.

How many tattoos does Max Green have?

he has got 11 tattoos

Did kiss' song Beth climb the music charts?

it got as high as #7 on the US music charts, #5 in Canada

How many number one hits has Paramore had?

None :( i think the highest they got was like 3 on the Columbian and El Salvadorian charts.

How did take that get together?

they got together because they wanted to be a band in the charts .

Galileo got his idea for building a telescope from?

Galileo got his idea from a professor

What happened to professor moody?

The professor Moody impostor got kissed by a dementor in book 4. The real Alastor Moody got killed in book 7.

How many stars did the movie green lantern get?

The movie green lantern got 4 stars out of 5 star rating!!

How successful was Katie price's single?

Katie's single got to No.32 in the charts.

Where did gotta be you go in the UK charts?

It got no. 3 on the Irish and UK chart.

Did Eric Carmen enter the British charts with the song all by myself?

Yes, he did enter the charts on April 1976 for 7 weeks got to number 12

What number did one directions debut single get into the charts?

One Direction's debut single, What Makes You Beautiful got to #1 in the UK charts and #4 in Australia

How many Led Zeppelin songs made it to number one on the billboard charts?

none....the highest they got was number 4 with Whole Lotta Love

What Pokemon was in the pokeball Ash got for professor Oak?

Pikachu was in the Poke Ball that Ash had received from Professor Oak.

How many green chilies in a bushel?

I got 75 chilies out of a bag that cost me $25

Is lily a green plant?

Lily has got some green on it!

How many pads has rock band 2 got?

4, blue green red yellow