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There are about 7 billion trees in Africa, not counting the continent's major woodlands like the Congo rainforest. -2021

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Q: How many trees in Africa?
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Related questions

What kind of trees do you see in Africa?

The kind of trees that exist in Africa include fig trees, oak tree, limber pine, cotton wood, Giant sequoia, and many others.

How many trees are there in the Middle East and North Africa?

A lot!! in my country the UAE the number of Palm trees reach over 3000,000 trees!! that amount of trees is more than the people in my country!! but I'm not sure about noth africa....

Are there banana trees in Africa?

yes there is but there are not very many in the plains

Can snakes climb trees-?

Depending on the type, but many can in Australia and Africa.

Where are mahogany trees grown and why there?

they are indidginous to Africa there are big forests of massive mahogany trees in Africa

Is Africa a desert?

Africa is a large continent. It has many deserts, including the Sahara Desert, which is the largest in the world. There are many other deserts too. There are also many parts of Africa that are not desert at all, but are rich in trees and plants and water.

How many percent are the trees in the forest?

35 percent of the forest is covered with trees but this is for pine trees. But you could searh it up if you mean a different type of forest.In Africa you get like 0.1 percent :)

What is the Way to combat the effects of drought on the population of Sub-Saharan Africa?

planting many trees

Do the forest in Africa have trees?

yes all forests have trees

What is a Myrrh tree?

Myrrh trees are trees in Africa! ......with leves

What kind of plants do they have in africa?

Well redwood-trees,umbrella trees,coca plants,proteasas and many more!

What kind of trees are in Africa?

well it really depends where you are in africa

How many trees get cut down every year in Africa?

There is about 4.5 billion trees cut down each year and for every 28 trees cut down only 1 tree is planted.

Trees that store water in their trunks and branches?

Bottle trees from Australia and Baobab trees from Africa

Where does cocoa beans from?

Coco trees. Coco trees grow in Africa.

Are there trees in Africa?


Does Africa have trees?


What place in Africa has many large trees and other plants and it almost rains everyday?

rain forest

Where do the baboons live?

baboons live in many places such as Africa. they like hot places or with lots of trees.

What is the main cause of deforestation in Africa today?

loses the trees in africa and the are having problems with but the farmers need it so they cut down trees

Is there lots of trees in South Africa?

South Africa is a very big country with a lot of different habitats/bioms. Some areas have a lot of trees. Some areas have very few trees.

What types of trees grow in Africa?

trees that lik to grow in hot place.

Are pine trees indigenous in South Africa?

No. Pine trees are not indigenous to most of Africa. There are pine trees in North Africa. Pine trees were introduced to South Africa as a source of timber and for sentimental and ornamental reasons by European colonists who wanted some familiar plants on the landscape. There are plants from pine-related botanical families in South Africa. The several species of Yellowwood are from the family, but do not resemble a European or American pine.

Where are mahogany trees grown?

in africa

Are there palm trees in Africa?


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