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It varies quite a bit but contains around one hundred billion neurons along with smaller amounts of other cells. from Wikipedia

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How many brain cells do baby have when born?

16 trillion brain cells

How many brain cells are in Matthew?

the brain consist of about 2 billion cells or more.

How many cells of the brain?

Hmmm................... About what 5 to 6 trillion cells

What are facts about human cells?

human cells are eukaryotic. Human cells are constantly regenerating.Cell Count in a human body is anywhere between 50-100 trillion. Anti oxidants help to keep human cells healthy. Cells in the brain and nervous system do not Reproduce. Not all brain cells are neurons.

How many nerves cells does the brain have?

Approximately one trillion

How many cells in the human brain?

There are over 400,094,800 cells in the human brain, while the entire body has about 50 to 75 trillion cells.

Are most of the human body cells brain cells?

There are ten to fifty trillion cells in the human body.

When your brain cells die will it go back to life again?

No. Your brain can create new synapses, but the cells don't regrow. When a sick brain is viewed on a MIR the areas with dead cells show as holes in the brain, but a healthy brain is shown as a healthy blue and whole.

What type of environment do healthy brain cells require?

The cells of the brain require a very well-regulated environment.

Does marajuana kill brain cells?

It has been shown to kill cancerous brain cells but there haven't been any studies to prove that it kills healthy brain cells.

How many brain cells are in a humans brain?

Its different for different people - If you drink aclohol a lot you have less brain cells than the person who is healthy well...on average our brain contains hundred billion brain cells~!! =)

How many red blood cells roughly do you have?

About 30 trillion in a healthy average human body.

Does Diet Coke kill brain cells?

No, diet Coke does not kill peoples brain cells. Diet Coke is not a healthy choice of soda to drink, but it will not kill any brain cells.

Why is alcohol not healthy?

It kills your brain cells, is fattening, addictive..

Why do muscle cells and a brain cells need a lot of energy?

cuz they are healthy people too

How many brain cells does a dog have?

the average dog has at least one billion if humans have 3 trillion

How many neurons or nerve cells are in the brain?

The average adult human has over 1 trillion (1,000,000,000,000) neurons .

How many glial cells are in the human brain?

There are 100 billion neurons in th human brain and about 1-5 trillion glial cells (that's 10-50 times more!). Most are astrocytes.

How does the brain work with other organs to keep the body healthy?

The brain helps by telling the blood cells what to do and were to go.

Does inhaling computer cleaner kill brain cells?

Even if it doesn't kill brain cells, it is not healthy to inhale it, especially if you are doing it over tine to get a high.

Does inhaling gasoline kill brain cells?

no, in fact regularly inhaling gasoline promotes the healthy growth and function of your brain.

Does tobacco kill brain cells?

Tobacco kills everything in you, it's not healthy to smoke.

How many red blood cells are there?

You have 100 trillion cells in your body. You have 25 trillion red blood cells in your blood.

How many cells are in the human body at birth?

About 3 trillion cells. 1 kg body has about 1 trillion cells.

How many cells are in human bodies?

There are more than 10 trillion living cells in the human body!And some estimates go up to 200 trillion. Anyway you look at it, you have more cells in your body than there are galaxies in the universe. There are more than 200 million in our brain alone - and that is more brain cells than stars in the Milky Way. If you add up all of the atoms in the cells of your body, there would be more than all the stars in the entire universe.

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