How many tsp is mg?

Updated: 11/10/2022
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Milligrams can't be converted to teaspoons. Milligrams measure mass, while teaspoons measure volume.

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Q: How many tsp is mg?
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How many teaspoons is 1200 mg?

how many tsp are in 1200mg

250 mg equal how many teaspoon?

231 mg equal how many tsp

How many is 5mg?

1 tsp=5 mg

How much tsp equals 6mg?

it depends: a teaspoon is 1/6 fluid ounce (US) and 1/4.8 fluid ounce (BI) an ounce is 29.6 ml(US) or 28.37 ml (BI), milligrams of water therefor are 29,600 and 28,370 per fluid ounce. For other materials these change. Sugar is about 22,700 and flour about 16,210 mg per ounce (US) this equates to the following. 1 tsp water (US) = 4933.333... mg or 0.0012 tsp = ~ 6 mg 1 tsp sugar (US) = ~ 3783.33 mg or 0.001586 tsp = ~ 6 mg 1 tsp flour (US) = ~ 2701.66 mg or 0.00222 tsp = ~ 6 mg 1 tsp water (BI) = 5910.6666... mg or 0.00101 tsp = ~ 6 mg 1 tsp sugar (BI) = ~4532.65 mg or 0.00132 tsp = ~ 6 mg 1 tsp flour (BI) = ~ 3236.75 mg or 0.00185 tsp = ~ 6 mg weight to volume conversions are dependent on the specific gravity of a substance and the actual measurement system being used.

How many teaspoons are in 150 mg's?

11/2 tsp

What portion of tsp is 62.5 mg of L methionine?

what portion of tsp is 12 mg of l methionine

How many teaspoon is 5mg?

1 tsp=5 mg

How many teaspoons of salt is 1500 mg?


How many mg is 1 teaspoon of cinnamon?

There are 1000mg in 1g of cinammon. There is 2.26g in one tsp of cinnamon, so there is 2260mg in one tsp of cinnamon.

How many teaspoons of salt are in 1300 mg?

That is 260 teaspoons.

How many tablespoons equal 1000 milligrams?

it depends on the strength of medicine Tylenol comes in 160 mg per 1 teaspoon so to equal 1000 mg it would take 6.25 teaspoon Benadryl comes in 12.5 mg per 1 tsp so it would take 80 tsp to equal 1000 mg each medicine has different strength mg is a dosage unit and tsp is a dosage measurement two different things

25 mg is how many teaspoons?

1 US teaspoon = 4.92892159 ml 25 ml = 25/4.9289216 tsp = 5.0721 tsp