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12 it depends cause you have to count how many species are in one country that's a whole a lot months to do that.

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How many wings do ladybirds have?

ladybirds have 4 wings

What do ladybirds get eaten by?

Ladybirds get eaten by many small birds, such as Blue Tits or Great Tits. Dunnocks eat Ladybirds too.

How many of ladybirds offspring survive?

not many

What do red ladybirds eat and drink?

Red ladybirds eat many different types of food. Normally they eat aphids and scale insects and they are useful to farmers. They too feed on fresh green leaves on plants and they drink the sap from it.

How many ladybirds are in the world?


How many legs do ladybirds have?


How many legs to ladybirds have?


How many ladybirds are there in the world?


How many antennae do ladybirds have?


Are orange ladybirds posionous?

Adult ladybirds are, kid ladybirds aren't.

Why are ladybugs called ladybirds?

ladybirds are called ladybirds because it is its name ok

How many centimeters ladybirds?

1 cm

How many babies do ladybirds have?

how many female birds in England

How big do ladybirds grow up to?

ladybirds can be three centermeatres ladybirds can be three centermeatres

Colors of a ladybirds?

ladybirds have no colour

What other names do ladybirds have?

ladybugs or ladybirds

Do ladybirds have a skeleton?

yes ladybirds has skeleton

Why are there so many greenfly at the moment?

Where are all the ladybirds?

Where are ladybirds found?

ladybirds are found in the woodlands and beaches some ladybirds can kill so watch out. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the correct name for a swarm of ladybirds?

A swarm of ladybirds.

How do ladybirds eat?

ladybirds eat using their MOUTH!

What do you call a group of ladybirds?

A loveliness of ladybirds of course!!

How many consonants are in the word ladybirds?

There are 9 letters in "Ladybirds" 7 consonants and 2 vowels although Y is sometimes treated as another vowel.

How many legs dose a ladybird have?

Ladybirds have six legs.

How many eggs do ladybirds lay at one time?


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